Jen Psaki's Terrible Awful No Good Spin on the Dems' Pork-zilla 'Relief' Bill

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The “COVID Relief” bill that the House just passed is supposed to provide Americans help to dealing with how restrictions have damaged people’s jobs and lives.


But instead, most of the $1.9 trillion bill has nothing to do with relief as House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has pointed out. According to McCarthy, only 9% really has to do with actual relief.

So when Psaki went on Fox News with Chris Wallace to try to push the bill, Wallace asked about the pork in the bill.

From Townhall:

“The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office says that more than one-third of the total bill, $700 billion, would not be spent this year. It would be spent between 2022 and 2031,” Fox News host Chris Wallace said. “So how does that qualify as COVID relief?”

The answer of course is that it doesn’t. There’s tons of money for example going out to state, local governments and schools that isn’t even for this year and doesn’t even require schools to open to get it, that clearly isn’t for relief, but to feed Democratic areas.


Psaki squirmed, arguing that the real focus of the bill was checks to Americans (not where most of the money is going) and that the other money to other things (most of the bill) was necessary so that people and schools can “plan to reopen.” When, next year? Years from now, when 95 percent of the $170 billion the schools are getting is to be spent between 2022 and 2028? It makes no sense.

“90 percent of this bill goes to address the twin crises we’re facing right now, Chris, which is getting the pandemic under control and helping the American people go back to work, helping them get the relief they need to get through this period of time,” she said. “Schools are like businesses, Chris. They need a budgetary plan over a period of time. Some have to frontload changes, whether it’s to their facilities, or ensuring that if they have to hire additional teachers or bus drivers–”

“But we’re talking about a decade,” Wallace chimed in.

“Well, they have to plan over a period of time,” she retorted. “I’m sure I don’t want my kids going to school where they have to fire teachers next year or do the facility upgrades, I should say, necessary in order to ensure they’re going to school safely.”


What a bunch of bull. How does this woman have a job when she shovels such stuff? Oh, sorry. Excuse me. She has the job because she shovels such non-answers. But it’s truly embarrassing. Yes, every team spins for their people, but she never has a real answer to anything. Does she really expect us to believe that a tunnel for Pelosi, money for schools a decade from now after everyone’s been vaccinated and the minimum wage have anything to do with dealing with the virus now?

Dollars to donuts the bill isn’t going to pass as presently written. Unfortunately, based on past experience, most of the pork will probably stay in, it may be the minimum wage that goes, as it’s sounding now like the Democrats don’t have the votes even among their own people to pass it, plus there’s also an issue with it violating the budget reconciliation process.


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