Paging Media: Psaki Admitted During Presser Biden Admin Was Breaking the Law by Holding Kids in CBP Facilities

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Jen Psaki admitted something, almost in passing, during her press briefing yesterday that many in media didn’t pick up on.

Psaki was questioned by Fox’s Peter Doocy about the CBP facilities that Democrats previously claimed had “cages.” “We’ve been talking to people down at the border who say that right now, DHS and the Border Patrol are using the same kind of facilities now that they did during the Trump administration,” he said. “That there’s a facility right now it’s in Donna, Texas instead of McAllen, Texas that is tents with chain link fence around it.”


Psaki asked if he was talking about a CBP facility, where they are before they are transferred to an HHS facility.

Doocy explained that the cages were still there and that additionally, hundreds of kids were being held by the CBP for over 72 hours which is past the legal time that they’re supposed to be held at CBP facilities. So he asked Psaki, “I’m just curious, why this is happening?”

Psaki tried to justify it all, claiming they weren’t “separating kids.”

From Townhall:

“Let’s be clear though, because I know you want to be clear with the public, about the differences. The CBP facilities, which you’re right, the objective is to move kids, unaccompanied minors as quickly as possible under 72 hours to these HHS sponsored facilities, which is the one where we’ve been referring to in Texas. They are two different things. There have been some delays, last week because of weather and because some of these facilities to safely move these kids to did not have power and were not in a place where they had the capacity to take in these kinds and do it safely. That is not our objective, that is not our goal,” Psaki said. “So some unfortunately did stay four days, five days or longer, but the objective is to move them as quickly as possible to the HHS sponsored facilities.”


Translation: they’re breaking the law, but it’s not their “goal.” Media should be asking more questions as to why.

Since they’re still being held initially in the CBP facilities, they are putting them in “cages” (fenced-in holding areas that Dems called cages that were built under Obama but not commented on generally until Dems blamed it on Trump). Additionally, they are then moving them to the ‘migrant facilities’ like Carizzo Springs that has the box trailers where they’re allegedly keeping kids that people are now commenting on.

It’s fascinating to watch Psaki try to justify doing pretty much what the Democrats castigated the Trump Administration for doing for the same legal and situational reasons.

But she just admitted they were breaking the law. So where are the Democrats to call this out? All we’ve gotten is some rather weak general statements from folks like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) that don’t actually deal with the question of the law being broken here.


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