AOC's Language About Biden 'Migrant Facility' Far Different From Her Language Under Trump

AOC's Language About Biden 'Migrant Facility' Far Different From Her Language Under Trump
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I wrote earlier about Joe Biden opening up what the media described as a “migrant facility.”

So, I noted how the box trailers with bars on the windows looked mighty cage-y to me.

Apparently to reporters, too, who asked Jen Psaki about the facility. Jen Psaki sputtered and spun, claiming essentially that it was different now that they were doing it.

Bottom line? They had to open it up to account for the huge surge at the border from Joe Biden’s own words encouraging illegal entry when he said he wouldn’t be deporting anyone in the first 100 days, as well as his other policies that make them think they’re going to be welcomed with open arms.

In my earlier story, I paged Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and questioned what her response would be given her prior meltdowns on the issue.

Well, wait no longer, because her remarks are in. Check out the vastly different tenor between her prior screaming about “concentration camps” under President Donald Trump and how she talks now.

A strongly worded letter. Hardly the meltdown she had over Trump.

Funny, no “cages,” no “concentration camps.”

Let’s check what she said and did at the time.

First, here’s her dramatic performance outside one of the centers ‘facility.’

Second, check out the much harsher terms when she’s describing the facilities under Trump.

Funny, but she somehow hasn’t gotten around to calling them concentration camps under Biden, nor has she gotten around to making another crying jaunt at the fence. So excuse me if I don’t really take her claim to consistency seriously; “not ok” doesn’t at all match her prior meltdown mania.

Oh, and just a small note, since we now have been talking more about the “fighting” words and “inciting,” it would be wrong to leave the subject of AOC and the “concentration camps” without noting how a man tried to firebomb an ICE facility with people in it and was shot by law enforcement. In his manifesto, he used all those words newly ascribed by AOC and her leftist buddies to the situation, including “concentration camps” and “take action against the forces of evil.” But even though there was obviously a direct link to her language, she was never held accountable for that.

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