Kayleigh McEnany Smacks Down Jake Tapper With a 'Therapy Session' for Him and CNN

Kayleigh McEnany Smacks Down Jake Tapper With a 'Therapy Session' for Him and CNN
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CNN long ago completely lost all concept of objectivity. They have done all they could, for example, to attack President Donald Trump, meanwhile not covering negatives about Joe Biden. Talk about “election interference,” some of the clearest “election interference” has been the media interference against Trump and for Biden.

But they really went over the slide in a mendacious and hypocritical attack on Kayleigh McEnany on Sunday.

When Brian Stelter asked Jake Tapper about having Trump allies on CNN, Tapper made it clear that there were Trump people from the administration and the campaign that he refused to have on his show. According to Tapper, one of them was McEnany, because, he claimed, she continually lied.

“Well, there were some people that were such, they’re so mendacious I just wouldn’t put them on air,” Tapper said. “Kayleigh McEnany. I never booked her. Jason Miller from the Trump campaign, I would never book him. These are just people who just tell lies the way that most people breathe, there was no value in that.” Tapper claimed, “This is just what she does, she tells lies all the time. She can’t acknowledge reality. So I’m just not going to put somebody like that on air.”

First, the lack of self-awareness is breathtaking, when CNN has peddled all kinds of lies and nonsense for the last four years if they thought it hurt President Trump. That seems to be their basic rule of thumb.

But McEnany has proven, time and again, that she’ll stand up for herself and she wouldn’t take nonsense from media like CNN, which is the real reason they wouldn’t have her on. She showed that again, giving Tapper a little truth smackdown.

“This is a therapy session for a broken network, and @jaketapper is lazy enough to participate by lobbing baseless personal attacks, with ZERO evidence,” McEnany declared. “Jake’s real problem: I do not leak. I do not lie. But I DO call out the lies of the media (i.e. CNN Russia collusion hoax!).”

Perfect — she drops him on his own “without evidence” petard. While he laid out no evidence against her, she has four years of utter nonsense lies that she can point to on his network, as well as all the bias that he habitually shows like this comment.

While Tapper smears McEnany, he apparently has no problem having on these actual ‘mendacious’ characters.

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