Jake Tapper Completely Rips Off the Mask of Journalist in Crazy Rant at President Trump

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Remember when reporters at least pretended to be objective? Ah, those were the days!

Now they’ve completely ripped off the masks of objectivity and are full on attack dogs for the Democrats.


Take Jake Tapper, for example. Check his rant against President Donald Trump today.

Tapper said he came not to “bury Caesar” but to praise him. He did then mention a variety of things that Trump had achieved, something the media doesn’t generally do. He praised the president for “approving Operation Warp Speed.” Trump didn’t just “approve” it, he invented it, a wholly new entity to speed up the process in a credible way, which has resulted in the production of coronavirus vaccines in historically record time. He said Trump had reimagined trade deals and peace in the Middle East. He has pushed foreign police consensus to bring U.S. service members home. He of course has done much more that Tapper didn’t bother to mention: amazing economy, record unemployment, criminal justice reform, tax cuts and deregulation, just to name a few other achievements. Had he been a Democrat, Tapper and the rest would be constantly praising him and showing him with halos around his head as they used to do with Obama who never achieved half the things that Trump has.

Tapper then said maybe Trump had in fact exposed something “unseemly” the close way that media and presidents (read that Democratic presidents) had been to each other with dinners and events together.


But that’s when Tapper went into the attempted “bury” part and went completely over the slide.

Tapper claimed that Trump had showed us the flaws in our system that many of our norms were based on the honor system. There wasn’t a an “explicit law” against a U.S. president trying to extort a foreign country to provide dirt on a domestic political opponent. This only works if people have honor and this is something legislators should reexamine, Tapper said.

First, Trump never tried to extort the foreign country, or did Tapper miss the “not convicted” part of the impeachment? The evidence didn’t support that and as we’ve seen since it certainly supported that there was ample reason to be concerned about corrupt by Hunter and Joe Biden. Even now it’s under investigation by multiple federal authorities. Talk about honor.

Second, where was Tapper’s monologue admonition like this against the Democrats who were behind trying to undermine their political opponent Donald Trump? The DNC/Clinton hiring a foreign national through cutouts who got Russian disinformation on Trump? The lying and the spying on his team? Where is that chastisement? Somehow that’s all missing.

Then Tapper attacked Trump for pushing an “insane lawsuit” over the election, calling it a “clownish legal brief” based on “conspiracy theories and outright lies.” He was furious that 18 state attorney’s general, many U.S. senators and a majority of the House Republicans disagreed with him and agreed with the lawsuit. He said that President Trump had exposed all these people as people who are trying to “subvert the will of the American people to disenfranchise voters” in the four contested states for an “immoral and corrupt power grab.” He called the effort “un-American.” “For those of us who believe in norms and standards and the Constitution, we have to thank President Trump for bringing this to light,” Tapper finished sarcastically.


Where to begin with such a rabid rant?

First, the case is alleging that citizens have been deprived because of the failure of the contested states to act in accordance with the law of the state legislatures. He completely miscasts the lawsuit. So Tapper is ok with those citizens being deprived? That’s not “un-American,” right?

Second, since when did proceeding in a court of law constitutionally become an “attack on democracy?” Indeed it is exactly the principal of ‘democracy” that Al Gore used in 2000, that Democrats and Jake Tapper had no issue with at that time. So what’s the difference now? We all know what the “difference” is. Where was Tapper’s condemnation of the 70 or so Democrats who refused to come to Trump’s inauguration, calling him an illegitimate president? How about his condemnation of Hillary Clinton for saying the same thing repeatedly? What about the effort to against Trump electors in 2016? Was that not far more “un-American” and trying to take away the votes of the people?

Third, such an unjournalistic thing to do. Tapper, of course, disregarded the evidence that has been adduced about states who in fact did not act in accordance with their state legislatures or the sworn affidavits from witnesses that he just dismissed as “conspiracy.”

Let’s address one more “norm” and one more group that Trump has exposed, who Tapper touched on, but didn’t go far enough.


That’s him and his fellows in the media.

Prior to Trump, Tapper was able to keep his bias in some check. But Trump has exposed so many. Tapper’s so gone at this point with Trump Derangement Syndrome, he doesn’t even get how biased he is and how much he’s thrown his objectivity under the bus.


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