Biden Injures Himself While Playing With His Dog, Tongues Are Wagging

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Joe Biden appears to have had a small accident on Saturday that we’re finding out about today and tongues are already wagging over it.

The official story is that Biden was playing with his dog Major, a German Shepard, he slipped and twisted his ankle. According to Fox producer Pat Ward, Biden was being taken to the orthopedist to have his ankle checked out.


No, he isn’t president-elect yet. And for the other media, there is no “Office of the President-Elect” no matter how many times Joe has it on a backer behind him.

Democrats were all busy with the talking points: Trump wasn’t transparent (although he’s been one of the most transparent ever) but Joe is!

But guess what? Biden’s folks weren’t allowing any pictures of the visit to the doctor, they prevented the reporters from leaving their vans and are refusing to answer any further questions.

Hmm. Seriously? We get that they’ve tried to hide Biden in the basement for most of the campaign, but why would they hide pictures of a simple visit to the doctor? Do they just not want to people to see him limping because people already believe he has issues, or is it more? When they do things like that, they incite more comment than just allowing the pictures.


Now I don’t want to read too much into it. But we already know that Joe has issues. Being a frail 78 years old makes one more susceptible to more issues.

Initially, the doctor who examined Biden said it was likely a sprained ankle but they’re going to take a CT scan to rule out any thing else.

But it turns out it’s a hairline fractures and he’s going to have to wear a boot for several weeks.


Apparently the pet psychic who claimed she could understand Biden’s dogs, didn’t get the real 411 when she keyed in on what the Biden dogs were thinking.

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