Hilarious: Joe Biden Gets Skewered With a Cartoon That Sums Up His Whole Campaign

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

We’ve seen a lot of good videos against Joe Biden over the time he has been campaigning.

Who can ever forget this instant classic about Biden’s hairy legs comments?

He describes little kids rubbing his hairy legs and how he loved them jumping in his lap.

I’m still really afraid to find out the full meaning of what he said there.

Then there was this moment that my colleague Bonchie wrote about earlier with an appropriate Jim Carrey add-on.

But there’s a new one out that really captures the essence of where Biden is at in these last days before the election. Most candidates at the end of a campaign like this are trying to get in all the events they can, racing everywhere to campaign to as many people as possible.

But not so much Joe Biden. As my colleague Sister Toldjah explained, Joe Biden pretty much spent a lot of time in the basement before the final debate, then still more time not going places. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has been having three or four big events in a day and sometimes going to three different states in the same day.

People made fun of Biden for it. Part of it might be hiding out so he doesn’t have to expose himself more by answering questions. But it was also that he was trying to avoid questions about the scandal concerning his son’s laptop which has exploded the accusations of influence peddling involving Joe Biden.

So here’s a ‘lid-dle’ fun take on it all from Something Wicked.

But while the cartoon has a little fun with how Biden is always calling a lid, it’s a simple but accurate way of assessing him. Unfortunately, we can’t have a president who calls an end to his day at 9:30 a.m. or who hides out to avoid questions because of scandal or decline.