Watch: Joe Biden's Mind Goes Berserk, Says He's Going to 'Mobilize Trunalimunumaprzure'

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Joe Biden’s mental acuity has become a hot topic as we approach the election day. There were signs of degradation as early as last year, with the former VP flying off the handle at voters and forgetting where he was. Things have only escalated this year, to the point where there’s a new clip of his mind melting almost every day. To the extent that they aren’t coming out every day is mostly due to him calling lids on his campaign frequently as he hides in the basement.


Biden did come out today though, as he’s obviously feeling the heat of President Trump’s late barnstorming of the swing states. That’s when this happened.

I’m sorry, what?

This is the man who wants you to elect him president on Tuesday, and while his verbal mix-ups have become legend the last year, this may take the cake. I have no idea what he’s trying to say, nor how anyone could manage to mess up the pronunciation of something this badly. I assume he’s just mindlessly reading off the teleprompter, right? So did someone have a boo boo while entering the speech? Or is Biden just incapable of reading now as well?

Other’s on social media had some fun with this.


I’m sure CNN will be fact-checking this ASAP to ensure us that what Biden said was entirely intelligible and that it’s misinformation to assert otherwise. For my part, I don’t know what else to say about this. It’s been a long slog of a campaign season covering the constant mind melts of the former VP, and it’s all been said before.

This is a guy who is not mentally capable of being president. That we are even entertaining electing Biden as a nation, thereby elevating an awful politician like Kamala Harris, is a pretty good barometer of how crappy our political environment currently is. This is the best the Democrats could do? Really?

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