Lesley Stahl Exchange With Trump About Biden Scandal Shows How Completely Broken Media Is

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My colleague Kira Davis wrote earlier about the interview President Donald Trump did with “60 Minutes'” Lesley Stahl. But I wanted to point out one particular exchange which shows how broken the media has become.


Now, many in liberal media have tried to run from the explosive and ever-burgeoning Biden scandal involving influence peddling.

Twitter tried to throttle the story and many have either not run it or tried to suggest it was “Russian disinformation.”

As we reported, NPR actually claimed they weren’t running it because they didn’t want to waste their time on “distractions.” Seriously?

So, did Stahl and “60 Minutes,” that show that once upon a time was known for its investigative journalism, actually want to know or to pursue the Biden scandal?

Nope. Listen to this incredible exchange between the president and Lesley Stahl as she claims media should ignore the story because the Biden laptop can’t be verified.


So, we wouldn’t do our job as journalists to actually investigate and verify the information because we’ll just stick out fingers in our ears and yell “it can’t be verified?” That’s essentially what she’s saying — they abdicate any part of what’s supposed to be their jobs.

Now, of course, a lot of it has been verified, including real email addresses, a signed receipt by Hunter, and Hunter Biden’s attorney allegedly asking to get the laptop back. Add to that now people like Biden business associate Tony Bobulinski confirming emails were real, Joe Biden got part of the take, and Joe Biden was lying to the American people when he told us he never discussed business with his son Hunter.

So, either Stahl was not telling the truth to the audience or hadn’t done her homework on the matter. That’s the problem, they just don’t see any need to do their job to put a spotlight on Joe Biden for such issues. And this isn’t just about Hunter Biden, it’s all about Joe’s alleged involvement in influence-peddling, including with people connected to foreign governments. That’s something media should care about and certainly would care about, even trumpet, if it were about President Donald Trump. We saw they had absolutely no problem spending more than three years on the debunked Russia collusion story, despite nothing supporting it and despite knowing even that Democrats had paid for the Steele dossier behind it.


Ryan Girdusky reminded people about what 60 Minutes did to the election in 2004, when they ran something that really “can’t be verified.”


That’s the bottom line. If it’s against a Republican president, it’s all in, damn whether it’s real or not.

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