NPR Goes Full 'Enemy of the People,' Gives Astonishing Reason They Won't Cover Joe Biden Scandal

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Notice I’m no longer calling this a “Hunter Biden scandal” in the headline. The latest news this morning showing that Joe Biden was specifically referenced by a named source to have been involved in his son’s corrupt business dealings, including getting direct compensation, have clearly morphed this into a scandal Joe Biden himself gets to own.


Given that, you’d expect news outlets to finally start covering this. How could they not? We now have more information and evidence supporting this charge against Biden than anything we saw during Trump’s impeachment, where no direct connection was ever made.

Yet, NPR decided to go full “enemy of the people” and put out this statement in response to the latest bombshells.

Look, I expect biased, liberal news outlets like NPR to be brazen, but this is next-level stuff on display. They are quite literally calling the biggest political scandal of the last year (and likely the last decade) a non-story. Worse, their reasoning is not based on any evidentiary standard, but rather it’s because they deem coverage of the story as a “distraction.” That’s a completely partisan calculation. It’s a distraction for whom, exactly? Joe Biden’s chances of winning?

We have certainly crossed the Rubicon when it comes to how out in the open the media are willing to be in propagating political bias. They used to at least try to maintain some semblance of objectively even as they shaped and molded their coverage to prop up whatever Democrat cause they felt they could benefit. But to just ignore this Joe Biden scandal, even as definitive evidence now exists, is incredibly dangerous for our discourse and political environment. We also know these outlets are willing to look the other way at outright censorship via social media companies of stories they don’t like.


These people want to be the gatekeepers? And just in case you needed more evidence that NPR’s standard of what’s newsworthy and what’s not is completely political, they fell for, and ran with the ridiculous Rudy Giuliani story yesterday, which turned out to be nothing like what it was first reported to be.

This story isn’t going away. Promises that it’s only going to get worse have been coming true and there’s still much more out there. NPR can’t change that, no matter how much they try, but this is certainly proof that their garbage organization should be defunded at the taxpayer level. No way should anyone be forced to pay for this kind of journalist malpractice.

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