Trump War Room Destroys Former Obama Official/CNN Contributor in Fight Over Ukraine

You may remember who Jen Psaki is. She was a former White House Communications Chief and State Department spokesperson during the Obama administration.

But like many in the Obama administration, guess what she’s doing now?


If you guessed she’s a CNN contributor, bingo, you got it.

Psaki, like many on the left, was trying to downplay the question of Ukraine meddling during the 2016 election. And while there are some conspiracy theories floating out there, Psaki and other Democrats are trying to conflate them to suggest there are no legitimate stories about Ukraine meddling.

The Trump War Room scolded her, pointing out the Politico story about how Ukraine interceded in order to help Hillary Clinton and some of the other stories reflecting meddling.

Psaki shot back with a tweet completely divorced from reality.


Trump War Room just decimated her.

Russia invaded Crimea and despite having an agreement to help Ukraine, Barack Obama basically let them twist in the wind. They begged for lethal aid and didn’t get it until Trump came in and supplied them. What they got was the symbol of the Obama administration – the empty ‘supportive’ hashtag.

The Obama administration bent over for Russia, being “flexible” at virtually every turn, from doing nothing in the face of their aggression to trying a failed “reset” with them. Which is why it’s so ridiculous of them to hit Trump who has been far tougher on Russia across the board in every way, despite media constantly suggesting otherwise.

Psaki accused Trump War Room of using the same tactics as the Russians to attack her, once again pushing the debunked Russia collusion hoax which Democrats boosted by funding the dossier which was then weaponized to the media and the FBI.


One has to imagine the Russians weren’t terribly threatened by her hashtag.

But then Trump War Room definitely finished her off. Here she is making nice with the Russians shortly before Crimea was invaded.

Oh my, what was she thinking? That finished off that conversation.

Completely owned.


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