From the Border to Inflation to Falling on Stage, Nothing Is Ever Joe Biden's Fault

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From the moment Joe Biden first stepped inside the Oval Office as president, the crises began: from the Biden Border Crisis, Biden Energy Crisis, Biden Inflation Crisis, Biden Economy Crisis, Biden’s Afghanistan Debacle, and even falling on stage, nothing is ever this president’s fault. Nothing. The question: Why? 


We’ll get there.

Harry S Truman, America’s 33rd president, famously displayed a simple, four-word plaque on his desk: “The Buck Stops Here.” Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., our 46th president, might as well have a different plaque on his desk: “The Buck Stops Everywhere But Here.” Again, the question is why.

Why is Joe Biden seemingly incapable of accepting responsibility for his own actions, and the effects of those actions, many of them intentionally caused? 

While I can’t see inside this guy’s head — shudder at the thought — I do know this: Accepting responsibility for one’s actions or inactions, and the damage they might cause, and then taking corrective actions to clean up one’s messes, is a strength, not a weakness. Conversely, blaming others for one’s own mistakes is the mark of a weak, insecure person.

(It should be noted that Joe Biden is not the Lone Ranger among presidential candidates, but Biden is the current president, and the buck should rightly stop at his desk alone.)

In Joe’s latest attempt to pass the buck, as we reported on Thursday, the fall-prone president took a tumble as he turned from the podium to walk off the stage after delivering the commencement address at the U.S. Air Force Academy. While the spill wasn’t a major fall, after Biden was embarrassingly helped to his feet, he promptly turned around and pointed to the real culprit: a small sandbag securing his trusty teleprompter.


The Babylon Bee responded to Biden’s silly scapegoat excuse with a hilarious parody article.

Question: Why didn’t Biden see the sandbag — and simply step over it or walk around it? (Rhetorical question, of course.)

The Biden Border Crisis

Is the intentionally-created Southern Border Crisis the fault of Joe Biden? Nope — the Biden White House has consistently blamed Republicans for  “literally refusing to act” on immigration. Even if this were true, Biden has used it as an excuse to all but install northbound people movers along the border, as if that was the only alternative to the alleged “fault” of congressional Republicans — even during Biden’s first two years when the Democrats controlled both chambers of Congress.

Gas Prices and Inflation

Were skyrocketing gas prices and record inflation at least partially to blame on Biden’s war on energy? Nope — Biden blamed Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, as in “Putin gas prices.” The buck-passing president also tried to blame overall inflation on “Putin Price Hikes,” which even his own Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell, called B.S.


No, inflation was high before — certainly, before the war in Ukraine broke out.

In another recent buck-passing example, the Biden administration blamed the in-custody death of an eight-year-old illegal-immigrant girl on medical staff at a Border Patrol detention facility — the second death of a migrant child in U.S. custody in May.

A report from U.S. Customs and Border Protection cited the failure of equipment, treatment documentation, and the failure to acknowledge the child’s serious medical history as contributing factors to her death.

CBP officials announced at the time:

Consistent with CBP protocol, the Office of Professional Responsibility is conducting an investigation of the incident. The Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General and the Harlingen Police Department were also notified.

Um, Joe? While the complete circumstances surrounding the death of those two little kids may never be known, they wouldn’t have died in a U.S. detention facility if they hadn’t been in a U.S. detention facility. Moreover, while the death of any child is tragic, if those children were back home in their own countries, would they have died? We can’t answer that, but we can say that if they had died, neither would’ve been the responsibility of this country — regardless of where you desperately try to pass the buck.


The Bottom Line

Additional examples abound, but as I asked at the beginning, why does Biden find it impossible to accept responsibility for his own actions and missteps? As I suggested — in my not-so-humble opinion — because Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. is a weak, insecure man.

Biden has exaggerated, plagiarized, and outright lied about “his” accomplishments throughout his more than 50 years in Washington, D.C.

Joe Biden, gang, couldn’t carry Harry S Truman’s jockstrap.


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