As Biden Economy Continues to Tank, CBS Desperately Tries to Rationalize Terrible Job Numbers

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Which is worse, Biden & Co. seemingly doing its damnedest to destroy every vestige of stability in America? Or the lapdog liberal media scurrying behind it, trying to clean up its crap by justifying and rationalizing everything this hapless administration does?

If you chose “all of the above,” I’m right there with you.

The latest glaring case in point is the worsening Biden Economy, including the latest dismal job numbers and signs of inflation. A few recent RedState headlines illustrate the point:

Biden Defends His Horrendous Jobs Report With a Bizzare, Backward Claim

New Jobs Report Is the Worst Miss in History, as Biden Administration Failures Mount

Biden Gets Completely Confused About Jobs, Then Basically Gives Away the Game

Nonsense Flows Freely From Jen Psaki After Peter Doocy Nails Her on the Jobs Report

By reasonable analysis of the above headlines and the content they suggest, any objective, rational person would come to the logical conclusion that the Biden Economy is swirling down the toilet faster and faster.

Unfortunately, the operative words above Ted’s tweet were “any objective, rational person.”  But we’re not talking about an “objective, rational person,” here — not even close.

We’re talking about CBS News.

As reported by NewsBusters, “CBS This Morning” on Thursday tried to excuse Biden’s woeful performance on the economy, attempting to justify, defend, and deflect blame, desperately resorting to “advanced rationalization” in its attempt to absolve Biden of all responsibility — a common objective of the sock puppet media for more than a year.

Intrepid reporter Ed O’Keefe reported that 11 Republican governors are pulling out of a federal program that raised unemployment checks by $300 a week as his first excuse, while also conceding that “it comes as most recent job numbers were surprisingly low; just 266,000 jobs were added in April despite eight million job openings economists predicted the country would get at least a million jobs.”

And who’s fault was it, Ed? (Emphasis, mine.)

“Republicans say that’s because of the unemployment money. It’s discouraging people from going to work. The White House disagrees.

“We spoke with some economists who said there were factors like vaccination rates, the lack of school openings, the lack of childcare that could be keeping people from going back to work.”

I’m not an economist, nor do I play one on TV, but nonsense. Besides, whose fault is it that there remain school systems in America that have still not returned to in-person learning; at least not to full capacity or anything close. Republicans? Governors like Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott? Or Biden and the Democrat Party, who remain terrified of ticking off the way-too-powerful and way-too-self-centered teachers’ unions?

O’Keefe’s herculean attempt to spin the crap out of the economic disaster that is getting worse by the day continued, even referring to the Biden Economy problems as “unique” — as if to minimize the reality. And this ridiculous excuse:

“Economists acknowledge we’re in some pretty unique economic times, that’s why the White House wants to get this infrastructure deal done.”

Infrastructure deal,” Ed? [ROTFL emoji] Have you read the “deal,” Ed? A summary? Can you tell us how much money in Joe’s “infrastructure deal” is directly tied to rebuilding infrastructure? Of course, you can’t — but you’re not the Lone Ranger; neither can Biden.

Shockingly, blind squirrel Ed did manage to find an acorn, near the end.

“It’s also why Republicans say perhaps we should be a little more modest in the spending.”

You don’t say? Let’s check in with National Review for a reality check:

Consumer Prices See Largest Yearly Jump Since 2008 as Evidence of Inflation Mounts

The Consumer Price Index (CPI), which tracks the cost of a variety of consumer goods as well as housing and energy prices, has risen 4.2 percent from a year ago, notably higher than the estimated 3.6 percent. It is the largest yearly increase since September 2008.

Even controlling for food and energy prices, the CPI was up three percent, higher than the estimated 2.3 percent. The 0.9 percent CPI increase from March, again controlling for food and energy prices, is the highest since April 1982.

This data comports with Americans’ everyday experiences. On Tuesday, the average price of a gallon of gas rose to $2.99, the highest figure since November 2014.

The news also contradicts the Biden administration’s line on the risk of inflation — that it’s nearly nonexistent.

More reality.

Here’s the Thursday take from The Washington Times, as contrasted with Ed O’Keefe’s Wizard of Oz “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” schtick:

“President Biden’s second 100 days are off to a woeful start, including a gas shortage for much of the East Coast, a surge of inflation, a slowdown in hiring despite a record number of job openings, renewed fighting in the Middle East, and an unresolved border crisis.”

BINGO. On my card, anyway.

So, now what? Conservative political cartoonist Michael Ramirez — the best in the business, IMHO — summed up the solution perfectly.

Biden: “This is a horrible jobs report. Any ideas to fix it?”

Advisor: “We could pay you not to work.”

Oh look at that — BINGO, again.

Geez, Joe. The Biden Border Crisis. The Biden Israeli-Palestinian Crisis. The Biden Economic Crisis. What’s next? Wait — never mind. Surprise me.

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