WATCH: NBC's Guthrie Comes Loaded for Bear, Blisters Mayorkas Over Biden Border Crisis

NBC's Savannah Guthrie grills Alejandro Mayorkas over Title 42 expiration border disaster. Credit: MRCTV

Flying Pigs Alert, Hell Freezes Over, and Other Shocking Stuff…

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas may not be Benedict Arnold reincarnated (operative words: may not) but, along with Joe Biden, the deservedly embattled DHS head has betrayed the United States and the American people more than anyone else in modern history.


Shockingly — “not a joke, Jack” — NBC’s “Today” co-host Savannah Guthrie came in hot in a Friday interview with Mayorkas. It came after Title 42 ended as the clock struck midnight, blowing the Biden Border Crisis™ even more wide-open, as never-before-seen numbers of illegal aliens surged across the border.

Before we get to Guthrie’s beatdown of Mayorkas, let’s catch up, a bit, RedState style:

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Factually-written history will record that the most despicable and inexcusable part of the border disaster, including the Title 42 expiration explosion, didn’t have to happen. Not dissimilar to the Biden Afghanistan Debacle™, it was intentionally created by the agenda-driven president and his administration.

So, back to Guthrie’s beatdown. As I wrote in the headline, the “Today” co-host went into the Mayorkas interview loaded for bear, blasting the serial liar, right out of the gate.

Let me ask you about this severe overcrowding we’re already seeing in detention facilities. They’re overflowing such that you have allowed a new policy this week that allows some highly vetted migrants to be released into this country, but with no court date and no way to track them. Now, late yesterday a federal judge struck that down. What now then? What do you do about this overcrowding?


The ever-cocky DHS head again feigned composure:

So, we — we consider that ruling [temporary restraining order] to be very harmful. The procedure that we were executing is something that other administrations have done. These individuals are screened and vetted, and then they are released and then placed into immigration enforcement proceedings. The Department of Justice is, of course, considering its options with respect to the court’s ruling.

As is Mayorkas’ wont (when he’s not just bald-faced lying his ass off), he lied by omission. The screening and vetting process utilized under the direction of this administration is a crock-of-crap joke. Moreover, given reports that more than 5.5 million illegals had already crossed into the country by late October 2022, data continues to make a mockery of Mayorkas and his lies.

Guthrie was somewhat diplomatic in her response — unlike her TDS-driven attacks on Donald Trump — but she did stand her ground:

You know, with people — I should just say, people at home will hear that, wait — even if it’s just a subset, you know, relatively — a small number, you say the border is not open, but there is a subset of people who are being released into this country with no court date and no way to track them. I mean, that sounds like the border is open for some.


A subset of people? Nearly 90 percent of likely general election voters blame the federal government (the Biden administration) for the ongoing crisis.

Mayorkas again lied by omission:

 Oh, Savannah, the vast majority are being removed. I think if one asked any one of the 1.4 million people who are expelled, removed, or returned last year, I don’t think they would tell you that the border is open.

At one point, Guthrie shot back at Mayorkas’ continuing ridiculousness:

My question to you is why? You have had two years to prepare for this. Why? Why do we have this chaos and confusion at the border? …

These regional processing centers where migrants could go haven’t even been constructed, so how could he say the Biden administration’s plan was working as they wanted? … [Y]ou have known for two years this is coming.

Again, Mayorkas beclowned himself, and Guthrie’s response was brutal.

Does the president bear some responsibility for the surge we’re seeing right now? I want to play you a piece of something he said during the campaign again back in 2019.

Biden idiotically boasted (lied) in the clip: “All those people are seeking asylum. We’re a nation that says if you want to flee and you’re facing oppression, you should come.”


Then Guthrie brought the final hammer down:

Mr. Secretary, they came. They’re sitting outside our border right now. It is cold at night. It is sizzling hot during the day. It is dusty. There are children. They came. Did that messaging encourage people to make this crossing?

Incapable of accepting a modicum of personal responsibility, or for Biden and the entire administration, Mayorkas absurdly attempted to blame congressional Republicans for the Biden Border Crisis™.

Go figure.


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