WATCH: Stephen A. Smith Goes off on Black-on-Black Homicide: 'We Need to Stop Killing Each Other'

Stephen A. Smith calls out black-on-black shootings, blasts media for ignoring the subject. Credit: Stephen A. Smith/YouTube

Whatever one thinks about ESPN host Stephen A. Smith, chances are it’s not middle of the road. Smith has made millions of dollars making brash statements about everything from sports to politics to the ills of society, including controversial commentary about Black America not commonly heard in the media.


On Wednesday, Smith not only called out the so-called “mainstream” media for ignoring black-on-black homicide and other violent crimes within the black community, but he also pointed a well-deserved finger at the black community itself.

Speaking on his podcast, Smith addressed the Memorial Day Weekend carnage in the streets of Chicago. As we reported on Monday, 51 people were shot, 12 were killed, and two two-year-olds were injured — one of whom found a gun in the street and shot herself in the hand.

Stephen A. went off:

When we gonna look at ourselves when it comes to black people being killed in the streets of America? I don’t even want to get into what happened in Chicago, but I have no choice.

Smith pointed out the reality that black-on-black homicide is hardly a new phenomenon:

It’s not the first time this has happened. It’s been happening year after year after year. Chicago, St. Louis, Baltimore, [and] the list goes on and on. Where’s the noise at? Where’s the protest? Where’s [the] mainstream media talking about that? Where is it?

The “mainstream” media is crickets. So is the Democrat Party. After all, Joe Biden — who straight-up lied about the Dallas mass shooting in May 2022, wrongly rushing to blame the tragedy on a white supremacist — laughably called “white supremacy” the “single most dangerous terrorist threat in our homeland.”


Did I mention that Biden was speaking at Howard University, a private, federally chartered predominantly black college in Washington, D.C.? Pander, much, Joe? Go figure.

Again, Smith blasted the media’s double standard — which is clearly evident to even a semi-intelligent individual. When police kill a black person, there is “holy hell,” he said, “But there are only crickets when black people kill each other.” To deny that fact is to deny reality.

Smith reiterated his point:

If one black person was killed by the police, we’d raise holy hell, and in some cases there’d be riots in the streets. What I’m saying is: Where’s the due diligence when it comes to putting a spotlight on what we are doing to each other?

“This s**t is pissing me off!” Smith screamed.

There is no “due diligence,” Stephen A. Why? Because honestly and objectively reporting black-on-black homicide would fly in the face of the left’s “white supremacy” and “systemic racism” in America narrative, which, incidentally, is not dissimilar to attacks against Asians in New York City, Los Angeles, and elsewhere. The media seldom, if ever, report the attacker’s skin color — unless the attacker is white, of course. It needs to be said because it’s undeniably true.

Incidentally, Smith is not only an advocate of Second Amendment rights; he also gets it — with “it” being the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.


The fact of the matter is: The bad guys always end up having [guns], which is why I’m not a hard and fast dude against Second Amendment rights.

Lest anyone thinks Stephen A. Smith is anywhere near a conservative, think again; he favors so-called “reparations,” which he weaved into his black-on-black homicide commentary.

“What we deserve” can’t happen if “we’re dead” and if “we’re killing each other,” he said.

There’s a variety of ways that reparations can take place — but it doesn’t matter if we’re dead! Especially at our own hands.

Like I said at the top, love or loathe him, you never have to wonder what’s on Stephen A. Smith’s mind.

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, the Democrat Party, CNN, and MSNBC were all unavailable for comment.


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