WATCH: MSNBC, Guests Stacey Abrams & Al Sharpton Demand Republicans Condemn 'Ban' Story That Doesn't Exist

MSNBC, and guests Stacey Abrams and Al Sharpton, calls on Republicans to condemn a story that doesn't exist. (Credit: MRCTV/MSNBC)

In this episode of Race-Hustling MSNBC and Its Race-Hustling Guests…

I was talking with political cartoonist Michael Ramirez several weeks ago about the target-rich environment we share in our respective conservative endeavors. Ramirez framed it this way: “I have the best gag writers in the business working for me — free!” I replied, “I’m stealing that!” as we both laughed at the insanity.


Anyway, somewhere near the top of my gag writers list is the entire MSNBC clown car and some of the left-wing network’s favorite lunatic guests. In this episode, ever-whiny host Nicolle Wallace gleefully trotted out twice-failed Georgia Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams and the race-hustler extraordinaire, himself, Reverend Al Sharpton, to demand Republicans condemn a concocted story that doesn’t exist.

Let’s begin, shall we? Check out the chyron in the feature image, above.

“Florida School Bans Access to Amanda Gorman Poem.” That is an unadulterated complete crock of crap. The teenager’s poem, which she read at Joe Biden’s inauguration, has not been banned. Period.

Yet Wallace, Abrams, and Sharpton babbled histrionically about poem-banning Republican as “tyrants,” who did exactly zero — and had zero to do with anything even close to what they’re claiming.

As reported by NewsBusters, the “fake news” that Gorman’s poem was banned from a Florida school library was incorrect; the poem was moved from an elementary section to the middle school section of the school’s library — based solely on “vocabulary” reasons.

After a review of the poem, as reported by NPR, the Bob Graham Education Center, a K-8 school in Miami Lakes decided to retain a book containing the poem, but only if it was moved to an area reserved for middle school students. Miami-Dade County Public Schools told NPR, in response to a single complaint: “No literature (books or poems) has been banned or removed.”


The school simply determined that Gorman’s poem was better suited for older students, the district said.

Now, let’s get back to the MSNBC clown car.

Here’s whiny Wallace:

[T]o take a poet and a poem that should be held up across partisan lines and demonize the piece itself and the creator of it, I understand from reporting this week it was one parent that complained, but I have not seen one Republican defend Amanda Gorman or her poem.

Stop the tape. One parent complained that some of the language in the poem was inappropriate for grade schoolers. One parent. Neither Amanda Gorman nor her poem was “demonized” by anyone.

Besides, even if the parent did demonize Gorman, riddle me this: If a random person of color demonizes a white poet, is it the responsibility of the Democrat Party to rush to condemn the random demonizer? Of course, not; Nicolle Wallace is a race-baiting fool — but you already knew that.

Speaking of race-baiting fools, Abrams was all over Wallace’s claim like a chicken on a June bug.

What strikes me as so devastating is that it’s Amanda and her poem. But she’s the tip of a much larger iceberg. We know that there have been indiscriminate attacks on LGBTQ writers, on non-white writers, and that Amanda Gorman’s not immune to this type of attack, but more importantly, that a single person can deny an entire slew of children this moment of grace is not just ridiculous, but it should be shameful and I wish that we could get beyond our polarization and return to what we like to call our citizenship. And citizenship says you do what is best for children regardless of who’s delivering that opportunity.


Complete bilge. Moreover, Abrams shamelessly attempted to broaden her condemnation of conservatives by rolling in the LGBTQ narrative. To suggest that shielding young children from age-inappropriate language is tantamount to denying them a “moment of grace” is disgusting, but hey, when race-hustling is your thing, you do what you can do — regardless of how shameless it is, and you are.

Wallace moaned on, laughingly trying to portray herself as a “social justice” warrior:

You know, I spend too much time for it to be healthy, but I try to understand where the rot is on the right is and how it happened.

But this story doesn’t seem like it’s the most important story, but we could argue it should be, because this is a piece of American history, recent American history that’s given 14 days after an insurrection at the inauguration, at the peaceful transfer of power, never before in modern history has that been in question and I have not been able to find one national Republican saying not only should this stay on the shelves, but this should be — I mean, what happens when one of the two parties is willing to let this be the rule of the minority and the tyrants?

“The rule of the minority and the tyrants.” Interesting choice of words, Nicolle, given Joe Biden and Democrats’ multiple attempts to ignore the Constitution, rule by presidential edict, and bastardize government programs as see they see fit.

Finally, what race-hustling story would be complete without a few words of “wisdom” from Reverend Al? Here’s Sharpton’s tripe:


Well, what happens is that we lose a sense of what we are really living through and evolving from and going through. You cannot deal with fruits without dealing with the roots that it came from and I think by this poem interpreting for America, not young folks, not old folks, not black folks, for America, the inauguration. We’re talking abou— she read this poem at the inauguration of the president of the United States.

Memo to the Rev: While I’m sure Amanda Gorman is talented, America gets along just fine without Ms. Gorman “interpreting” anything for us.

The Bottom Line

I’ve lost track in the last two years over the number of times I’ve said or written “You can’t make it up, but the left already did.” So yes, conservative content providers have the best gag writers in the business working for us — free.


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