The Left's Fear of DeSantis on Full Display: Goofy MSNBC Labels Florida Governor 'Pro-White Supremacy'

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Before the far left is finished — they’ll never be finished, but hang with me here — they’re going to label every breath a white person takes as (pick as many as you want) “racist,” “white supremacist,” “systemic racism,” and other hate-filled descriptors. I’m engaging in hyperbole, of course, but you get my point.


And what better example of the above insanity is there than goofy MSNBC and its race-hustling hosts?

Zero. Zilch, zip, nada.

In this ridiculous episode, as reported by NewsBusters, on one of the MSNBC clown-car programs  — The 11th Hour — the panel “brilliantly analyzed” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his looming 2024 presidential campaign announcement, which sources close to the governor say is scheduled to happen on Thursday when he files paperwork formally declaring his candidacy.

Before host Stephanie Rule and the panel got down to the business of labeling DeSantis pro-white supremacy, they first torched his opposition to so-called “transgenderism,” with Ruhle setting the table:

Transgender is now this giant thing that we’re talking about every single day and we have bigger issues in this country we don’t address.

CNBC’s Steve Liesman was in total agreement, of course:

Every single legislature has made [it] the number one thing; the first bill that they pass, which is transgender surgery or the— talking about these issues. It’s somehow been elevated and I think there was a piece in The Times not too long ago that says, it was basically, kind of invented.

In the piece referenced by Liesman, The New York Times predictably blamed the transgender controversy on “the religious right.” I know; try to control your shock and amazement — and howling laughter.


Actor and comedian Aasif Mandvi called conservative opposition to transgenderism, including the irreversible mutilation of children’s bodies, a “straw man.” See? That right there is hilarious as hell.

It’s a straw man in order— so that we don’t talk about the things that we need to talk about. That’s always the case.

Yes, these people are insane — but you already knew that. Anyway, Columbia Professor Basil Smikle quickly seconded Mandvi’s comment, as the craziness continued to grow even crazier.

Right, but that’s why I always say it’s not really about being anti-woke, it’s about being pro-racial hierarchy. That’s what he’s selling and he’s selling it … for racial hierarchy means.

Smikle then went full-metal clown show:

And taking books out of schools. All of that. It is part of a larger campaign being waged across the country, but, so my point, though, is with a Ron Desantis candidacy — he’s not expanding and this is to your point, he’s not expanding the base.

He’s actually digging deeper in terms of concentrating that anger and that hate when Donald Trump conflated economic nationalism and ethnic nationalism. He’s doubled down on that. I don’t know if that is a winner.

Yet, the clowns in charge of MSNBC wonder why their ratings are in the toilet.


Not to be outdone, Ruhle tossed in:

He’s doubling down on MAGA because make America great again, it was only great historically.

Incidentally, whenever I see Biden lose his mind over MAGA, I’m amused by the left’s twisted view that “making America great again” is somehow terrible. Then again, “America First” has always driven the left crazy, as well.

Do you suppose there’s a Democrat in America who could name a single country on the planet that doesn’t put its own best interests first? I can’t. But if one does exist, to borrow from Donald Trump’s reference to the Biden Border Crisis™, they won’t long have a country, anymore.


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