WATCH: Lincoln Project 'Conservative' Launches Predictable Attack on 'Racial Pacifier' Tim Scott

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In this episode of Try to Control Your Shock and Amazement…

Welp, who didn’t see this coming? Republican Sen. Tim Scott (S.C.) — he’s black [sarc] — announces an exploratory committee in preparation for a 2024 presidential run, and just like that, a black “conservative” Lincoln Project tool slithers out from under a rock to launch a racist attack against the senator.


Lincoln Project Senior Advisor Tara Olivia Setmayer, a former CNN political commentator and contributor to ABC News — quite the “conservative” credentials, eh? — isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, mind you, but her transparent attack against Sen. Scott during an appearance on MSNBC [where else?] was a clown show and a half — with the half being fellow Mensa member [sarc], host Jonathon Capehart, who’s also black.

While Setmayer’s “analysis” of Scott was pure cringe enough, the stupid smirk on her face was top-shelf stuff indeed. Capehart kicked off the festivities by mocking Sen. Scott:

Senator Scott [is] fascinating. A black Republican who isn’t too shy in talking about race, but whose views on race can be problematic — both within the GOP and in the general public. So, I mean, am I giving him too much credit?

Setmayer went full clown world the minute she dismissively opened her snarky mouth (emphasis, mine):

Listen, I — Tim Scott, bless his heart — is trying to make a name for himself now, taking advantage of the fact that Republicans in every election cycle need a racial pacifier. He’s their racial security blanket in the race, given all the context of what’s gone on with Trump and Republicans over the last few years.

Stop the tape.

What, exactly, has “gone on with Trump and Republicans over the last few years” that points to racism? On the contrary, even CNN’s Van Jones in 2020 praised Trump’s achievements within the black community, as Trump’s approval rating among black voters hit a historic high.


Nonetheless, Setmayer cluelessly continued —while taking another racist shot at Scott):

Even after the 2012 election cycle, when Republicans gave that autopsy and found that they’ve got to diversify the tent if they want to survive as a party. Well, instead they went in the complete opposite direction, but the one constant has been good ol’ Senator Tim Scott has been the lone black Republican in the Senate.

Wait— did the Lincoln Project loon suggest Sen. Scott is a token? Of course, she did. Setmayer then did the “I respect him, but...” routine:

Listen, I respect Senator Scott’s biography — his life story is great — it’s the American dream, and good for him. What I don’t respect is the fact that with that American story, with his experience, with, even as a conservative — I’m still a conservative, I’m just not a Republican — that he would still support Donald Trump.

Last summer, he went out of his way during the January 6 hearings when he was asked about January 6 — remember, he voted to acquit Donald Trump’s impeachment after January 6 — he said, ‘Oh, yeah, I haven’t been watching the hearings, if Trump’s the nominee, of course we’ll support him. That I have no respect for. None, whatsoever.

“If Trump’s the nominee, of course we’ll support him.” What other option would Scott — or any conservative have? In 2016, Hillary Clinton? Or Joe Biden in 2020? Please, Ms. Setmayer, your idiocy is showing.


I mean, while I’ll never be president of the Donald Trump fan club — not even close — as I’ve written on RedState and elsewhere, more times than I can recall, I voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020, and I’ll vote for him in 2024 if he’s the Republican nominee, but in my not-so-humble opinion, I don’t think he’s the best choice (for which I’ve hilariously been called everything from “Democrat-lover” to “MAGA-hating, communist-infested piece of garbage” by MAGA, which still amuses me).

Setmayer then went stage-4 Trump Derangement Syndrome:

I have no respect for someone who can not take a firm position on where he stands on our democracy, on Donald Trump’s existential threat to it, and the fact that the Republican Party has been abysmal on several issues that are important to our country, today. He will not take a position.

Summoning her best Barack Obama shtick, Setmayer closed her silly diatribe with this beauty:

I mean, the 1990s called, and they want their campaign video back. There’s nothing extraordinary about what Tim Scott is doing. I mean, he’s a big snooze and he has no chance.

Remember, Tara Olivia Setmayer insists, with a straight face (albeit with a smirk) that she’s a conservative.

The Bottom Line

I’ve said it before and I’m gonna say it again. As long as Never Trump continues to Never Trump, and Ever Trump continues to Ever Trump, the Republican Party will continue to lose elections. And racist crap from the likes of the Trump-loathing Lincoln Project, while amusing, doesn’t help either side.

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