Showtime Roots for Lincoln Project Comeback in New 5-Part Docuseries

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Ah, The Lincoln Project. Such promise. So many hopes and dreams. So much bitterness, divisiveness, and outright stupidity, obsessively working against any Republican presidential nominee’s White House bid over any Democrat nominee. In the end, implosion.


That said, Trump Derangement Syndrome does that to even the strongest of men, a desirable quality to which none of these clowns comes even close.

The political action committee was formed in late 2019 by former and current Republicans, with a burning desire to prevent the 2020 re-election of Donald Trump. A key member was sniveling George Conway, disloyal husband to Kellyanne Conway, former senior counselor to Donald Trump. Conway publically embarrassed his wife on a near-daily basis, which in my not-so-humble opinion, was inexcusable.

But, today? As reported by NewsBusters, the Lincoln Project is better known for “seismic scandals, fleeing executives, and a willingness to take down other GOP favorites” … including popular Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Enter, Showtime, as noted by NewsBusters, “the network that produced the wildly inaccurate ‘Comey Rule’,” which was described by Hollywood in Toto as “bringing gaslighting to a new, frightening level.” That new level included “almost everything we’ve learned about ‘Russian collusion.'”

Earlier in September, my colleague Sarah Lee offered her thoughts on Showtime’s upcoming docuseries, “The Lincoln Project.”


NewsBusters noted that the five-part docuseries, debuting Oct. 7, examines the dawn of the group as well as the aforementioned “seismic scandals,” including:

Co-founder John Weaver was accused of sending sexually aggressive text messages to young men, one of whom was underage at the time of the texting.

Some suggest Project members knew about the scandal but didn’t go public with the accusations or act on them.

The group’s funding sources came under heavy scrutiny, with charges of steering consulting fees back to the group itself.

Many of the group’s key players fled in 2021, including George Conway, Steve Schmidt, Kurt Bardella, Tom Nichols, and Jennifer Horn.

The docuseries’ trailer doesn’t avoid the scandals, but the overall tone suggests Showtime would love to see the resurrection of The Lincoln Project to continue the fight against Donald Trump.

“Karma is a bitch,” reads a tagline next to an image of Trump.

Here’s a bit of that “rooting” for The Lincoln Project’s return by Showtime, as transcribed by NewsBusters:

Celebrated for their scathing ads and biting social media commentary, the series discovers that their operation is a lot more than what meets the eye, with sophisticated data analytics and voter targeting operations churning away behind the scenes.

While working to accomplish their stated goal of “defeating Trumpism,” the group is shaken by internal upheaval, a sexual harassment scandal, and a tidal wave of negative press. As one fight ends, another is afoot – and this time it’s personal.


Project directors Fisher Stevens and Karim Amer said in a delusional statement.

There has never been a super PAC that has captured the imagination of the general public like the Lincoln Project. They showed us that you could use storytelling and the power of the internet to punch back and that you could fight a bully by bringing the fight right to their doorstep.

An unnamed “voice” in the trailer suggests Showtime is pushing the group past its scandalous 2021: “Nobody cares. They care about what we’re gonna do in 2022 and beyond.”

“Shockingly,” the 5-part docuseries drops several weeks before the November 8 midterm elections.


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