Will Robert Kennedy Jr. Expose the Democrat Party for Exactly What It Is?

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Given the current state of politics in this country, which will likely get far worse before it even has a chance to get better, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s announcement last Wednesday that he will seek the Democrat Party nomination for president in 2024 hardly caused a ripple in the media.


The 69-year-old anti-vaccine activist and scion of one of the most famous American political families filed a statement of candidacy with the Federal Election Commission. While RFK Jr.’s campaign to challenge Joe Biden — or whomever — for the Democrat nomination might be a long shot, as my colleague Nick Arama reported, there are already signs that the Democrat vanguard is afraid of this guy.

CNN clown Jake Tapper dismissed Kennedy as a quack — a sure sign that the fix is already in to ridicule the son of Bobby Kennedy to the point of irrelevant dismissal by low-information, rank-and-file Democrat voters:

Anti-vaccine quack RFK Jr. has filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission to run for president as a Democrat… Kennedy is such a healthcare menace, in 2019, even his cousins wrote an op-ed criticizing his anti-science views on life-saving vaccines.

Um, Jake? Is this a good time to point out that Kennedy was a helluva lot more right about COVID-19 vaccines than was your sock-puppet network? How cute that you cite his cousins as your “proof source.”


So what are Tapper and other Democrat Party sycophants so pinched up about?

Podcaster Jason Whitlock, host of “Fearless” on Blaze Media, says RFK Jr. is not an extremist. On the contrary, Whitlock calls Kennedy’s values “Middle America.” Whitlock adds that Kennedy reminds him of an “old-school Democrat,” and predicts: We’re about to see that “old-school Democrats aren’t liked by new-school Democrats.”

“In fact,” Whitlock adds, “They’re hated.”

Is there any doubt? The party of House Minority Leader Hakeem Sekou Jeffries, Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Ayanna Pressley, and the puppeteers of feckless Joe Biden hate what we used to call “moderate” Democrats more than they hate conservatives; principally because moderates can attack the party of Joe Biden and Barack Obama from within.

While Whitlock is hopeful that a Kennedy run will be an “eye-opening experience” for the Democrat Party as a whole, he also asks, rhetorically:

How do you find common ground with people whose values are related to feelings, whose politics and policies and worldview are built around satisfying feelings?

Not to burst Whitlock’s bubble, but you don’t.


Facts, data, logic, and history are to the left what crucifixes and holy water are to vampires. The entire so-called “progressive” Democrat narrative is built on lies; lies that are repeated ad nauseam for the purpose of pitting Americans against Americans, with the Democrat Party as the “moral” arbiter between good and evil.

Still, Whitlock — a conservative Christian — believes that if American society based its politics, policies, and worldviews on a single document — the Bible, for example — we could at least find some common ground:

[You] can’t build a society if people don’t want to stand on something concrete. The Bible is concrete whether you like it or not. The Constitution is concrete whether you like it or not.

These two — the Bible and the Constitution — have served America incredibly well. Better than any other society in the history of the planet. But let’s all throw it out the window because leftists feel like something different would be better.

While — inspirationally, if you will — I agree with Whitlock’s take, including his wistful thinking about RFK Jr. returning a bit of sense and morality to the out-of-control Democrat Party, the pragmatist in me knows it’s just not going to happen.


The radical left continues to metastasize within virtually every aspect of American society, and I believe it’s a reasonable bet that it’s going to get worse before it comes anywhere near to getting better. as I suggested at the top.

All of the above said, as long as a flicker of reason still exists on the left, and the conviction of men and women like Jason Whitlock, on the right, maybe — just maybe — a glimmer of hope remains that the crazy train isn’t quite ready to run completely off the rails, yet.

I encourage you to watch Jason Whitlock’s “Truth Bomb.”

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