CNN Released Asinine Pro-Vaccine Headline Then Tried to Memory Hole It, but the Internet Is Forever

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CNN just jumped the shark, then swam back around and jumped into the tank with it anyway as its latest headline just murdered any chance of their vaccine push being taken seriously by anyone except leftists and CNN die-hards.


On Wednesday, CNN released a story about a woman named Candace Ayers who, despite being vaccinated, still managed to get the virus six months later and died of COVID-19 according to her death certificate. While sad, it’s one of many stories about breakthrough infections that happen nearly every day.

However, CNN’s positions on vaccines are extreme to the point where they’re encouraging people to shame others who have refused to get the jab. This extremism probably didn’t cause them to stop and think about what they were doing before they reported on the story, but in the interest of making people hate and despise the unvaccinated, they decided to make the title of the story a quote that appeared in Ayers’s obituary.

“She was vaccinated but was infected by others who chose not to be. The cost was her life,” read CNN’s title for the article.

Perhaps someone with a little more sense decided to make the change, or perhaps the ridicule from the headline made them understand how ridiculous it sounded, but they soon changed it and now it reads: “In her obituary, a family says a mother’s Covid-19 death could have been prevented if more people were vaccinated.”

At the bottom of the article, a correction says that an earlier version “mischaracterized breakthrough infections.”


Breakthrough cases are fairly common, and sadly over 14,000 of these cases result in hospitalization or death according to the CDC. The Delta variant, in particular, is one of the primary reasons for breakthrough cases given its high infection rate. For the most part, reports say vaccination makes contracting COVID-19 milder, but this is all skipping over the most important part of the story.

The vaccination didn’t save Ayers. It didn’t save thousands and thousands of people before her either. It didn’t even stop the spread.

So if it doesn’t work to prevent the disease from spreading, including to those who are already vaccinated, then why is the left pushing it so hard to the point where the federal government wants to illegally mandate it and the mainstream media wants to otherize people who won’t get it?

The is backward lunacy where the inmates have taken over the asylum.

Regardless, CNN’s headline sparked these very thoughts in people’s heads and changed it in order to prevent the spread of a much more dangerous virus…common sense.


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