Jason Whitlock Launches Project to Fight Against 'Systemic Effort to Undermine America Through Racial Division and Fear'

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Longtime sports journalist Jason Whitlock has never been afraid to stand up and fight for the causes he supports and against those he opposes. In today’s sports world that hasn’t been an easy task for Whitlock; Whitlock is a black conservative whose beliefs and principles are guided by his strong Christian faith — not partisan political ideology.


To that end, Whitlock announced on Tuesday that he has signed a contract with Blaze Media to “produce a digital media project dedicated to pushing back against the corporate-supported, systematic effort to undermine America through racial division and fear.”

Whitlock said the platform will eventually include a “Fearless” writing vertical.

BREAKING NEWS: Award-winning sports journalist Jason Whitlock, previously of ESPN and Fox Sports, is coming to Blaze Media this July! “Fearless with Jason Whitlock” will push back against the effort to undermine America through racial division and fear.

“I joined Blaze Media,” he said, “because I wanted to partner with people who wouldn’t look at me funny when I referred to Jesus as part of my journalistic worldview and platform.”

“That’s why we are launching the Fearless platform, which will start with my show, “Fearless with Jason Whitlock,” and a second podcast showcasing my friendship with my right-hand man, “Uncle Jimmy” (Dodds).

“Fearless with Jason Whitlock.” Bring it, big guy — not many people do it better.


As I’ve heard Whitlock say in the past, he makes clear that he is not a sports-journalist-turned holier-than-thou preacher.

“I am not a sports journalist-turned-preacher. I’m not a finger-wagging hypocrite looking down on the people who don’t share my beliefs. I’m a sinner.

“I’m the same guy who wrote hilarious Pussy Galore columns for Fox Sports, the same guy who used to waste his time and money drinking and carousing inside the Spearmint Rhino in Las Vegas, Tootsie’s in Miami, Diamond Joe’s in Kansas City, and Magic City in Atlanta.”

What Whitlock is, is a bottom-line, no-nonsense guy who tells it exactly how he sees it. And if you don’t like it? That’s your problem; don’t listen to or read anything he has to say. In that vein, he touched on (torched) a few of his favorite targets in the Blaze op-ed.

Zuckerberg and Dorsey

“Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey are Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Douglas S. MacArthur ending America’s 60-year culture war with an unparalleled bombing campaign.

“What started with President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society initiative is closing with repression of speech, corporate media propaganda, and an evisceration of America’s Judeo-Christian ethos.”

“Facebook and Twitter finished the mission of turning America secular, godless, and shamelessly immoral,” Whitlock wrote, and his point was critical to the reality of Big Tech.


“The apps allegedly intended to bring us together have torn us apart. We should not be surprised. The apps urge self-worship, celebrity worship, and consumerism, which lead to hedonism, idolatry, and materialism.”

“A secular society always produces chaos and division,” said Whitlock.

The Left’s Attack on Christianity and Black Conservative

Again, hard truth. The left’s insidious effort to damage or outright destroy tens of millions of Americans’ reliance on faith vs. the government is true. We see it all around us, every day. As I’ve previously suggested, Karl Marx, Freidrich Engels, and Vladimir Lenin would nod and smile in satisfaction if they could see today’s American Democrat Party.

And black conservatives who refuse to live on the liberal plantation? “Uppity” black Americans, “duty-bound” before they are born to become Democrats — simply because of the color of their skin? Whitlock busted out the all-too-familiar labels and code words liberals eagerly slap on those who refuse to buy their nonsense.”

“Branded as racists, Uncle Toms, coons, homophobes, transphobes, hypocrites, and misogynists, American Christians fear publicly identifying themselves by their faith. They’ve placed their political identity and racial identity above their religious identity.

“They’re conservatives. Or Republicans. Or nationalists, both white and black. Or libertarians. Or liberals. Or social justice activists. Or, worse, Trump supporters and Trump resisters.”


Incidentally, we all know how fond the left is of the “right-wing” label. Do you remember the last time you heard a Democrat refer to “left-wing” anything? Me, neither.

The Name Liberals Most ‘Avoid’

“They avoid saying the name that made John Brown and Frederick Douglass abolitionists, compelled Thomas Jefferson to write that “all men are created equal,” comforted Union soldiers during the Civil War, and inspired Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream.

“They avoid directly referring to the name that made America great in the first place, the name that forced us to overcome our superficial differences and transform those differences into our greatest strength.


“[Jesus has] been canceled, crucified by a toxic secular culture that bullies His believers,” Whitlock believes, “with threats to expose their sins on the Satan-con Valley social media platforms and/or the Satan-con Valley-catering corporate media outlets.”

In closing (this article, but I encourage you to read Whitlock’s complete op-ed), Whitlock said “fear is destroying America.” He could not be more right.

“Fear is destroying America. It locked us in our homes, forced us to cover our faces, and forbade us to worship together for more than a year. It stole freedoms we took for granted.

“It allowed Colin Kaepernick to polarize our national anthem. It turned rare incidents of deadly police misconduct into a fictional genocidal pandemic.

“It spawned race hoaxes and a generation of race-baiting grifters. It diminished sports’ ability to unify.”


“We’re going to fight back,” Whitlock pledged. “We’re going to be the abolitionists’ fear.”

And that’s the thing. As I’ve written in the past, CNN, MSNBC, and other leftist mouthpieces are terrified of Fox News host Tucker Carlson to the point of irrationality for one simple reason. He exposed them and their lies by speaking the truth — the truth the left does not want you to hear and will everything it can suppress or outright ban. Ask Donald Trump.

They did the same thing to Rush Limbaugh — and their decades of effort only made Rush stronger. The same applies to Carlson’s command of the #1 spot in cable news. If Whitlock gets his way, the same will happen to him.

Wait — did I mention Jason Whitlock is not the president of the LeBron James fan club?

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