From Cringe to Creepy: Kamala Harris Waxes Idiotic About Yellow School Buses Again — With a Twist

Kamala Harris fawns over yellow school buses, again. (Credit: GOP War Room/YouTube)

In this episode of Comedy Gold with Kamala…

It never gets old, does it? Even better (or worse, depending on one’s point of view), watching Kamala Harris wax idiotic or serve up another ridiculous word salad is not dissimilar to looking at a car wreck as you drive past — you can’t help it. But in Harris’s case, her foolishness lies somewhere between cringy and creepy.


Perfect example? Three words: yellow school buses. (With a fourth word about to be added.)

Frankly, and thankfully so, I’ve lost track of how many times the Vice President of the United States has cackled herself silly about the many wonders — in her “Mensa” mind — of school buses. Yellow school buses, of course, but aren’t pretty much all public school buses yellow? I’m sure that a few exceptions exist, as they do in most things, but this woman just can’t get enough of school buses. Hell, they’re right up there with Venn diagrams in the veep’s cackling opinion. Here she was in October:

Anyway, — again, like yet another car wreck — Harris on Monday once again attained school bus nirvana, this time combining the wonders of yellow school buses with the magic of electric school buses.

In response to what appears to be a student reporter’s question about whether “green” electric school buses purchased with $1 billion of Joe Biden’s “green” grant program will retain their “signature yellow color,”  Madam Vice President giddily responded:


These are gonna remain yellow school buses, because who doesn’t love a yellow school bus? They will remain yellow but their heart will be green!

The veep’s patented creepy cackling ensued.

The worst part is how Harris cackles over nonsensical crap that she thinks everyone else thinks is hilarious, as well — making her cringe even more cringe-worthy.

Incidentally, this wasn’t the first time Harris gushed over the prospect of electric school buses. As my colleague Sister Toldjah reported earlier in January, it wasn’t the color of school buses that enchanted the person who’s incredibly second-in-line to the presidency, it was the glorious prospect of electric school buses that tickled her green!

I’m excited about electric school buses. I LOVE electric school buses. I just love them! For so many reasons. Maybe because I went to school on a school bus. Hey, raise your hand if you went to school on a school bus!

Gripping intellectualism at its best, don’t you think? Did you raise your hand? (If so, I don’t wanna know.)


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