Florida Appears to Have Rained on WH, Kamala Harris' Pro-Abortion Parade Planned to 'Defy' DeSantis

Everything seemed to be going as planned for Vice President Kamala Harris on Saturday. Air Force Two’s landing in Tallahassee, Florida, must have been, you’ve got to admit, a “cool” moment.


And the VIP motorcade appeared to go off without a hitch:

Harris was in the Florida capital to attend a pro-abortion rights march Sunday, on the 50th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, at which she was scheduled to speak. In fact, Planned Parenthood boasted about Harris’ appearance on its website, according to the Tallahassee Democrat. [emphasis mine]

Planned Parenthood posted to its website that “we’ve kept the details quite [sic] for a while, but we’ll be joined by VP Harris” at the “Bigger Than Roe: National Day of Action” abortion rights march, organized by Women’s March.

“Fifty years after the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, a radical right-wing movement hijacked our Courts and eliminated federal protections for abortions. But as the fight turns to the States – they are going to learn that the overwhelming majority of Americans in all States support abortion rights – and women will fight to protect our rights and our lives,” said Rachel Carmona, Executive Director of Women’s March, in a prepared statement.

The march’s time and location are listed as TBD


Oh, no. Is something amiss with the VP’s pro-abortion parade? According to sources of Florida’s Voice, the march was a no-go for the state Capitol and Florida State University (FSU), as it shares on Twitter Saturday:

JUST IN: Vice President Kamala Harris will have to hold her pro-choice rally at a private residence after being rejected by the Florida Capitol and FSU, sources say

It continues:

Harris originally planned to hold a rally in Tallahassee, giving an address “on the fight for women across America to have access to reproductive care”

Sources told Florida’s Voice she landed in the city this evening

Sure enough, when the Tallahassee Democrat published a follow-up story Saturday, gone were details of the march, leaving only what appears to be a private event at a local venue:

Press officials did not elaborate on the vice president’s evening plans, but Harris is scheduled to make an appearance Sunday at The Moon. Her remarks take place on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, a landmark abortion case.

An update on the original story notes “There has been no information released about how interested members of the public can attend the speech at the Moon.”


A hint at the huge letdown this must be for the White House, and Harris’ much-embattled comms team in particular, of not having the optics of the Vice President make remarks to hundreds of people, is this earlier headline from the publication:

White House defies DeSantis with Harris Florida capital visit defending abortion rights

We’ll keep you posted on how things go at the now-private, pro-abortion affair on Sunday.


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