Stand-up Comedy? Kamala Harris Whines About Media's Lack of Focus on 'Strength of My Leadership'

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I know. It reads like a satirical headline from The Babylon Bee, right? Fortunately (for our side), it’s not. Vice President Kamala Harris, the queen of word salads, whined to the so-called “mainstream” media that they don’t cover her enough or focus on her “strength of leadership.” No, really.


It gets better. Meaning even more hilarious.

Harris even moaned that the Supreme Court’s overturn of Dobbs (Roe v. Wade) got more coverage than she does.

In a glowing Washington Post puff piece titled Kamala Harris had a most excellent year (again; I know, right?), columnist Jonathan Capehart waxed gushy about his recent interview with Harris in her ceremonial office. She walked in with “a broad smile and easy confidence,” he wrote, adding:

And why shouldn’t she smile? President Biden’s electoral right-hand ma’am is finishing a banner year filled with domestic barnstorming and high-wire diplomacy.

Of course she smiled, Jonathan. Wouldn’t you smile if you knew were walking into a cream-puff chat?

Capehart went on to explain — apparently to us troglodytes who are incapable of grasping Kamala’s true greatness — that in order to truly appreciate Madam Vice President, we must look at her excellent leadership strengths as “a tent held up by three poles.” (I know; you can’t make this up.)

Pole #1:

Biden sent Harris to Germany on a critical mission at an important moment. In a Feb. 19 speech and in a private meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that same day, Harris warned of the looming threat to the rules-based international order posed by Russian troops massed for invasion. Harris sounded the alarm ahead of Russia’s assault on Ukraine that began on Feb. 24.


Not to nitpick, but what? Eleven months and more than 68 billion dollars later — with another $45 billion in aid included in Biden’s massive $1.7 trillion omnibus bill, which will take the total to nearly $115 billion in aid to Ukraine, and Zelensky demanding more and more while refusing to negotiate an end to war, how on earth did Kamala Harris demonstrate her strong leadership skills with the Ukrainian strongman?

Pole #2:

Harris… led the U.S. delegation to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation conference in Thailand in November. North Korea made sure her third trip to the region was eventful by launching an intercontinental ballistic missile. Harris responded by coordinating the allied response to Kim Jong Un’s latest provocation.

Wait— how’d that turn out? How’d that turn out? NoKo nutjob Kim Jong-un continues to launch missiles near — or over South Korea, and  Monday — today, as I write — sent drones into South Korean airspace, prompting the government to scramble jets and launch warning shots in response. Yup, another outstanding job during Kamala’s most excellent year,  Mr. Capehart.

Pole #3:

To me, the third tent pole is the most important. After the leaked draft in May of what would later become the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision to end the constitutional right to abortion, the former California attorney general saw plainly the implications for other rights, such as marriage equality. She was eager to speak out, Harris told me, and instructed her staff: “I’m getting the bleep out of D.C.”


Be honest — you spit the beverage of your choice all over your screen on that one, right? Not that any of us would mind Kamala Harris “getting the bleep out of D.C.,” but please.

What Harris and the Democrats did do after the Dobbs decision, was drone on about “codifying” same-sex marriage into federal law — after Justice Clarence Thomas wrote in his concurring opinion on the abortion ruling that the court should also reconsider the 2015 ruling that legalized same-sex marriage. That said, the Respect for Marriage Act became the law of the land earlier in December — with 39 Republicans voting in favor of the bill. In other words, Harris’s leadership “prowess” had absolutely zero to do with the bill’s passage.

Nonetheless, Capehart fawned:

She was never more confident in her role as vice president — nor in herself — than during her barnstorming on privacy rights. I’ve known and covered Harris for a decade. Whenever she talks about these issues, passion wells up and her most authentic self comes through. I said as much to her, and Harris pushed back. “I’m always myself, Jonathan,” Harris said with a laugh before raising a broader point.

Finally, as Capehart wrote, Harris said the following:

There are things that I’ve done as vice president that fully demonstrate the strength of my leadership as vice president that have not received the kind of coverage that I think Dobbs (Roe) did receive.


Hold up a minute, Kamala. Like what? Name one. Capehart’s tent poles don’t count.

And as to the landmark Dobbs decision, in which a majority of Supreme Court justices held that abortion is not a constitutional right, is not mentioned in the Constitution, and is not a substantive right “deeply rooted” in the country’s history, meaning that individual states have the authority to regulate access to abortion, which effectively overturned Roe v. Wade, as well?

Kamala, with all due respect, the historic case was a tad bit more important than whatever you claim to have accomplished with your outstanding “leadership skills,” sorry.

Oh, and Mr. Capehart? Now do the border czar thing. There’s your fourth tent pole, Jonathan. Kudos to Kamala.


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