Biden Frantically Rushes to Make Changes to Asylum Rules as Title 42 Border Explosion Begins

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Well, look at that. Joe Biden basically admitting without saying it that his intentional open-border policy has been a spectacular failure. As tens of thousands of soon-to-be illegal aliens rush to the southern border with Title 42 set to expire on Wednesday, the administration is racing to complete a plan that would combine Trump-implemented limits on asylum claims with a new system for asylum seekers.


As noted by the Wall Street Journal, Title 42, a pandemic-related public-health measure allowing “migrants” to be quickly sent back to Mexico after crossing the border illegally, acted as a deterrent for some would-be illegals seeking asylum because they could be turned back even if they asked for protection.

A federal court ruled in November that the policy violates federal immigration law by denying migrants a chance to ask for humanitarian protection.

Here’s more on the Title 42 expiration, via the WSJ:

With that deterrent ending, the administration is racing to put together a combination of policies that might stave off what is expected to be an unprecedented increase in illegal border crossings once the policy lifts, a prospect that could quickly overwhelm the Border Patrol, cities near the southern border and nonprofit shelters.

Some border cities have already seen surges of migrants in anticipation of Title 42’s end.

Though officials are still finalizing specific policy elements, the overall plan they are moving toward would enact a new series of carrots and sticks to deter would-be asylum seekers from attempting to cross the border illegally and let them apply for admission into the U.S. instead. Parts of the plan could be announced as soon as Monday, officials said.

I’m going to go out on a very safe limb and predict that when the plan is announced, Biden, his hopelessly inept White House press secretary, Karine Jeane-Pierre, or another Biden official will twist the announcement into blaming Donald Trump and the Republicans.


So, if a change is indeed announced, what are we likely to see? Probably an “updated” version of Trump’s plan, with Biden claiming credit for in effect reinstituting much of the original plan. The “new” ban would target “migrants” crossing the border illegally, and quickly boot them out of the country unless they can pass a tougher initial asylum screening, according to people familiar with the plans.

Now, let’s not forget two words, here: Alejandro Mayorkas.

As the head hack of the Department of Homeland Security has repeatedly shown us, words (lies) don’t matter. Only actions that lead to cause-and-effect changes matter. Mayorkas has repeatedly and laughably lied his head off about the southern border being “secure,” suggesting to us we shouldn’t believe our own eyes.

The point is, these clowns can announce anything but unless changes are made, actions are taken, and the effect of those actions is seen, it’s merely more BS from the Biden administration we’ve come to distrust more than any administration in at least modern history. Obama was Obama, but compared to Biden? Please.

According to the WSJ, illegals of some nationalities, including Cubans, Haitians, and Nicaraguans, will likely be offered an alternative path into the country, which allows them to apply through an online portal for permission to fly to the U.S. — and live here on temporary humanitarian grounds and apply for asylum. That’s unacceptable, in my not-so-humble opinion, and nothing more than adding a step or two in an effort to make the process appear more secure.


Some illegals will also be permitted to apply for asylum at legal land border crossings, though the administration will likely require them to register for an appointment in advance by filling out their information on a mobile application called CBP1, according to people familiar with the administration’s thinking. Gimme a break. A majority of illegals processed at the border and given future hearing dates — months in advance, at that — never show up.

Look, we’re talking about the same Joe Biden who in early December issued a “sanctuary country” order, and slashed deportations of illegal aliens across the country. “The Big Guy” and his party are simply and finally afraid of the impact that the catastrophic open-border policy continues to create — now in cities across America.

In late October, the hypocritical mayor of New York City, Eric Adams declared an emergency after just several thousand illegals were bussed from Texas to his crime-infested city.

Meanwhile, NBC’s “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd bizarrely insisted that even more illegal aliens in the country would solve the Biden inflation crisis. Yeah, no.

According to the WSJ:

Already, cities along the border including El Paso, Texas, and Yuma, Ariz., have been overwhelmed with a new surge on top of already-elevated border crossings, leading local officials in both to declare states of emergency. […] City officials recorded an average of about 2,500 crossings a day in about a week through Saturday, according to data published by the city.

In Yuma, about 1,000 migrants have been arrested crossing a day, up from 700 to 900 over the past few weeks, according to federal authorities.


Officials in other border cities are making plans to reopen city-run welcome centers and weighing busing illegal to cities with larger airports, including Denver and Dallas, while Mayorkas, Biden, and Karine Jeane-Pierre continue to lie about “secure” borders, and blame Trump for the crisis they created, yet deny exists. Delusional? Hell yeah, it is.

The Bottom Line

The Democrat Party has miscalculated from the beginning that they could import a sufficient number of “future Hispanic votes” to secure a permanent nationwide majority. That plan has already begun to fail spectacularly.

As I reported in December 2021, according to the then-latest Rasmussen survey, 48 percent of Hispanic voters said they would support a generic Republican on the ballot if the 2024 presidential election were held “today,” compared to 46 percent for a generic Democrat. Two points. No big deal? Big deal — given the seismic change in just three years.

Finally, and most damning to Democrats, two-thirds of respondents said the economic crisis was more important than cultural issues. Yet only 37 percent believed Democrat politicians and their policies can resolve the economic issues. Oops.


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