Biden Issues 'Sanctuary Country' Order, Slashes Deportations of Illegal Aliens Across America

Meanwhile, in ‘Secure Border’ News…

If “sanctuary country” doesn’t show how “serious” Joe Biden is about “border security” (ushering in as many illegal aliens as he can get away with), nothing will — except that the administration has drastically cut the number of illegals being deported from towns and cities across the U.S., some by more than 90 percent.


Shocked? Me neither.

Twice last year, as reported by Breitbart, Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) — headed by serial liar Alejandro Mayorkas, who incredulously continues to insist the southern border is secure —  issued so-called “sanctuary country” orders that ensured most of the nation’s 11-22 million illegal aliens were not eligible for arrest and deportation by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency.

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The orders, yet another example of the Democrats’ hellbent drive to change the (voter) demographics of this country, are now being challenged in court. Here’s more, via Breitbart:

Public records obtained by the Center for Immigration Studies show that the Biden administration has cut deportations of illegal aliens in all but two of the nation’s highest volume counties when comparing months in 2021 to the same period in 2019.

Most significantly, Biden’s DHS cut deportations by more than 90 percent in four of these 50 highest-volume counties: Gwinnett County, Georgia; Plymouth County, Massachusetts; Bergen County, New Jersey; and Kankakee County, Illinois. Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Illinois are all sanctuary states.

Let’s think about those numbers for a minute. 11-22 million?

Setting aside the fact that 22 million is twice as many as 11 million (why the huge range?), the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) reported at the end of October that more than 5.5 million illegals have crossed the border since Biden took office. That’s the number apprehended, mind you. So how many “getaways” crossed the border during the same time frame? Let’s assume for argument’s sake that the number was “only” 1 million.


So now we’re up to 6.5 or more illegals in just two years, compared to the reported 11-22 million already in the country. With the Democrats in control of the White House for at least two more years, the illegal invasion is going to continue to explode — and I loathe hyperbolic adjectives — to staggering numbers.

Moreover, as noted by Breitbart, a drastic decline in the deportation of criminal illegal aliens is ongoing, as well, including a 57 percent decline in deportations for illegal aliens accused of murder, a 75 percent decline for those accused of kidnapping, a 91 percent decline for those accused of sex crimes, a 60 percent decline for those accused of sexual assault, and an 86 percent decline for those accused of burglary. Any comments, Joe? Mr. Mayorkas?

Finally, the Biden Border Crisis is soon likely to get even worse.

As For News reported on Saturday, border officials are seeing massive numbers of illegals surging at the southern border ahead of the expected end of Title 42 in less than two weeks. The order, implemented during the Trump administration in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, has allowed the rapid expulsion of illegals at the border, However, it’s due to expire on Dec. 21 after a court order ruled that its implementation was unlawful, leading to widespread fears of a surge on top of the ongoing surge.

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Meanwhile, Joe Biden continues to fiddle with whatever the hell he fiddles with, no doubt looking forward with great anticipation to the surge on top of the ongoing surge. Hell, maybe he’ll hire mariachi bands to play at border crossings to welcome even more illegal aliens into the country.

I mean, it’s not like stranger things haven’t happened during the reign of President Unity, right?


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