Migrants Surging at the Border Even With Title 42 Still in Place

AP Photo/Eric Gay

The Biden administration’s attempt to rescind Title 42 to allow more migrants to enter the United States failed when the courts issued a ruling blocking it from taking this action. But this is not stopping migrants from attempting to cross the border legally and illegally. Indeed, a report revealed that people are once again surging at the southern border in the latest development of President Joe Biden’s ongoing migrant crisis.

Breitbart News reported:

Whether Title 42 ends or not, migrants say they are tired of waiting and surged across the Rio Grande into the Eagle Pass, Texas, area of operations. As many as 3,600 crossed so far this weekend — eclipsing last weekend’s total of just over 2,800 migrant apprehensions in the Del Rio Sector — according to a source operating within U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Border Patrol officials called in all available agents in Eagle Pass on Sunday as increasing numbers of migrants crossed the border illegally from Mexico into Texas. Sunday evening, a large group of more than 250 migrants crossed near Normandy, Texas, while others streamed across into Eagle Pass.

The author noted that “[a]nother group of approximately 300 migrants are crossing the border” at the time the article was published. The authorities also found another group of 100 individuals, bringing the total to about 700 apprehensions in just a few hours on Sunday evening. Most of the migrants traveled from Honduras and Columbia.

A source informed Breitbart that “dozens of migrants” were waiting for transportation into the country while agents with the Eagle Pass Station is focused on people crossing in public areas. National Guard troops are also on hand to assist in detaining people crossing the border. Last week, Border Patrol announced it had apprehended 2,849 migrants trying to come into the country. “The number will be eclipsed as it appears the total could approach 4,000 this weekend” according to Breitbart.

The individuals that Border Patrol detained “did not appear to know or understand that the Title 42 will not end on Monday” according to the report. “They express they were simply tired of waiting.”

Since last month, migrants have been flowing across the border at a rapid pace. Between April 1 and May 15, border authorities apprehended about 513,000 migrants illegally crossing the southwest border. This means there could be hundreds of thousands more who are evading Border Patrol.

In another development, the Daily Caller obtained a memo sent by Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz to patrol agents laying out how migrants were to be released after Title 42 was lifted. It was sent before the court prevented the White House from rescinding the order. In the document, Ortiz acknowledged that the agency would be “preparing for the anticipated increase in encounters of undocumented noncitizens following the anticipated lifting of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Title 42 public health order.”

It seems the agency still must be prepared for future surges despite the fact that Title 42 remains in place. But at least this will still allow them to deport those trying to gain entry into the U.S.

Oddly enough, the White House insists on pushing for open borders at a time when it is clear the American public is not in favor of such a strategy. A recent Politico/Harvard poll revealed that 41 percent of respondents want to reduce migration while only 24 percent wish to see it increased. The survey also showed that 55 percent of Americans wished to keep Title 42 in place.

While Biden seems unconcerned about the political ramifications of importing more legal and illegal aliens into the country, Democrats are worried – with good reason – about how it will affect their prospects in the upcoming congressional elections. Several left-leaning lawmakers like Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) and others have taken the administration to task for its cavalier approach to border security. Last month, the lawmaker, who is facing a primary challenge from far-left progressive candidate Jessica Cisneros, accused Biden of kowtowing to “immigration activists.” During an appearance with “Fox News Sunday,” he said:

“But my question is, who’s listening to the men and women in green and in blue? And more importantly, who’s listening to the border communities, the sheriffs, the landowners, the rest of the people that live on the border?”

At this point, the courts seem to be the only entity standing between the Biden administration and full-on open borders policies designed to welcome as many illegals into the country as possible. Perhaps when Republicans retake control of Congress, they might do more to curtail his efforts.


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