As Chicago Murder Rate Soars, Clueless Lori Lightfoot Thinks Giving Herself a Raise Is a Great Idea

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While the Democrat bench is deep, Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot might be the worst mayor in America; particularly since former New York Mayor Bill de Blasio left office. So how bad is Lightfoot? Even Democrat lawmakers are calling out Lightfoot as Chicago’s murder rate continues to skyrocket.


But here’s the clincher that puts Lightfoot in a league of her own:

As the violent streets of Chicago’s Southside continue to run red with blood, the embattled mayor has proposed a city ordinance to give herself a hefty raise. No, really. Did I mention that Lightfoot’s current annual salary is $216,210?

As reported by Chicago’s NBC News affiliate, Fox News, the catch-all “management ordinance” introduced at Wednesday’s City Council meeting and tied to Lightfoot’s $16.4 billion budget proposes tying the mayor’s future salary to the rate of inflation or five percent, whichever is less. A five percent pay hike would raise the mayor’s salary by $10,810, to $227,020.

The change would take effect on January 1, 2024, with the stipulation that Lightfoot and future mayors could opt out of the raise. Caution: Don’t hold your breath.

Meanwhile, Chicago’s violent crime rate has increased by 37 percent, compared to the same period in 2021, while auto thefts are up 74 percent over the same period. So, hey — why not give Lightfoot a hefty raise, with even more to come? Meanwhile, Democrat lawmakers being Democrat lawmakers, most continue to ignore one deadly weekend after another on the bloody Southside.


As noted by Fox, multiple corporations have left the Windy City for safer pastures, including Tyson Foods and the McDonald’s Corporation. The fast-food giant’s CEO Chris Kempczinski blasted the city during a speech in September:

We have violent crime that’s happening in our restaurants … we’re seeing homelessness issues in our restaurants. We’re having drug overdoses that are happening in our restaurants. So we see in our restaurants, every single day, what’s happening in society at large.

Kempczinski couldn’t have been more dead on, as evidenced by recent RedState headlines:

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Yet embattled Lori Lightfoot has the unmitigated gall to propose a raise for herself. Who does that?

Except for delusional Democrats, that is.


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