Dan Rather Lauds Gavin Newsom's Handling of 'Unusual Weather Event,' AKA: SUMMER

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Is this perfect, or what? Thoroughly disgraced former CBS Nightly News anchor Dan Rather, who was fired for knowingly airing false documents about George W. Bush’s Texas National Guard service, praising thoroughly disgraced California Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom for his handling of the no-longer-Golden State’s record-breaking heatwave, which continues to threaten power outages across the state.


You know, just like every SUMMER in the “green”-obsessed state.

Even funnier, Newsom’s latest mess comes on the heels of California finalizing a ban in August on the sale of new gas-powered passenger vehicles, which was promptly followed by Californians being told not to charge their EVs at home because of potential overloads on the state’s energy grid, leading to blackouts.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson summed up California state officials’ ignorance about energy.

Electric vehicles can be, above all, controlled by the people who control the grid and that means the next time that California’s energy regulator decides to shut off the power, you can’t go anywhere. You can’t leave California. Now, a few things you might notice about this.

First, they’re doing this because they’re so concerned [that] carbon emissions and burning fossil fuels add to carbon emissions and is destroying the planet. If you actually were worried about that, what’s the first thing that you would ban?

Well, private jet travel obviously, private jet travel emits a lot of carbon. In just 60 minutes, a private jet emits more carbon dioxide, in fact, than the average American household emits in three months in one flight.

Incidentally, this wasn’t Newsom’s first rodeo in suggesting the state’s residents should stop charging their EVs during heat waves, as we reported last summer.


Yet, in discredited hack Dan Rather’s eyes, Newsom is valiantly leading Californians through this “moment of crisis,” while taking a shot at his home state of Texas and Governor Greg Abbott who, like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis continues to battle Joe Biden and his self-created crises, including the Biden Energy Crisis™.

There was an unusual weather event in California and Governor Newsom asked residents to pitch in during a moment of crisis. People responded for the good of the community. The crisis passed with the electricity still on. Is a better model what we experienced in Texas?

Always classy, Danno.

While Rather and Newsom remain jokes, California’s continuing power-grid crisis does not — particularly for rational Californians, many of whom continue to flee the state for Texas and other less-crazy states. Meanwhile, as we reported Wednesday, Newsom continues to be deservedly mocked on social media over the crisis.

First, details of California’s “Flex Alert” status from Newsom:

CALIFORNIA: We’re now in a Flex Alert.


What does that mean? We all need to conserve as much energy as possible during this record-breaking heatwave.

Here’s what to do until 9 pm tonight:

— Set thermostats to 78

—Turn off unnecessary lights

— Avoid using large appliances

In other words, while Newsom and his “climate change” activist comrades continue to play — by tilting at imaginary windmills — Californians must continue to pay, including by disrupting their entire lives.

Doesn’t seem fair, does it?

Then again, when has Democrat “democracy” ever been fair?


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