Hot Takes: Gavin Newsom Gets Mercilessly and Deservedly Mocked Over Power Grid Crisis

The power grid crisis in California is no joke, but the state’s woke Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom sure is.

Not quite two weeks ago Newsom, his fellow Democrats, and his mainstream media allies (but I repeat myself) were all gloating and ooohing and ahhing as the state’s Air Resources Board prepared to put in place a Newsom-endorsed plan to phase out and ultimately ban the sale of new gas-powered vehicles by 2035, replacing them with electric-powered ones.


Prior to that, Newsom’s reelection campaign was bizarrely spending hundreds of thousands of dollars running ads attacking Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, suggesting Floridians should move to California where they supposedly valued freedom or whatever.

Except as recent events have reminded us, including the gas-powered vehicle ban and now Newsom himself demanding people conserve energy by cutting way back on their use of electricity, California is not a free state but one in which the state seeks to control every facet of your life even as the people in power routinely refuse to play by the rules they set for others.

As a result of Newsom’s repeated failures, various dictatorial mandates, and numerous instances where he’s been caught not practicing what he preaches, he has been mercilessly mocked on social media over the last couple of days, some of which started after his “Flex Alert” warning:


Christina Pushaw, who recently resigned from her role as Gov. DeSantis’ press secretary and who now is the director of rapid response for his reelection campaign, responded accordingly by reminding Newsom of one of the ads he ran attacking Florida on “freedom” grounds:

Others understandably brought up the infamous French Laundry scandal (it was trending on Twitter for a time Wednesday morning) and suggested Newsom was likely enjoying the cool AC at his “suite at the French Laundry”:

Then there were the “life comes at you fast/ how it started versus how it’s going” dunks on both Newsom and his fellow obnoxious California Dem. Eric Swalwell:

All of that said, at least one Twitter user was on board with helping in whatever what he could, including “stress testing” the power grid in order to “make sure we are ready to handle 40 million” electric vehicles 13 years down the road:


Hmm. I’d say “Slicks” has a point.

Stay cool, Californians, and please do the right thing by voting this guy out in November.

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