Discredited Hack Dan Rather Blasts 'Let's Go, Brandon' — Oh, What a Short Memory He Has

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Ah, another fun day at the office. Made extra fun because instead of the usual routine — kicking CNN or MSNBC’s ass — I get to take the granddaddy of “fake news” out behind the journalism woodshop and kick the hell out of his ass. That granddaddy, of course, is discredited ex-CBS News anchor Dan Rather.


As you might remember, Rather was unceremoniously removed from his “CBS Evening News” anchor desk in 2004 after the accuracy of his bogus story questioning President George W. Bush‘s military service was publicly disputed by the Bush administration.

His career forever tarnished, Rather left CBS News altogether in 2006. As bad, Rather still insists the bullcrap story was true and that he was guilty only of “sloppy reporting.”

Yeah — so this is the kind of guy we’re dealing with, here.

Anyway, as the “Let’s go, Brandon” (LGB) phenomenon exploded, quickly becoming the rallying cry of untold millions of Americans who are over the destruction that Joe Biden has purposely wrought on this country, the liberal media sock puppets have continued their collective hypocritical histrionic faux outrage.

And what better opportunity for a former liberal media sockpuppet like Rather to once again step up to the hypocritical plate and do what he does best — completely humiliate himself. Again.

As reported by The Blaze, Rather and co-author Elliot Kirschner dropped a Substack essay titled “A Party Embraces Vulgarity” in which they attacked the LGB chant with a level of complete lack of self-awareness seldom seen — except by pretty much 100 percent of the left, that is:

To be sure, many Democrats have said some form of “F- Donald Trump.” There was even a rap song to that effect. We all have a right to free speech.

But when Republican elected representatives say “Let’s go Brandon” to end a speech on the House floor, like Bill Posey, a Republican from Florida did, or wear a “Let’s go Brandon” facemask, like South Carolina Republican Jeff Duncan did, or when Ted Cruz can’t get enough of it, something else is going on.

This is a movement that has engulfed the party, and party leaders think they can use it to effectively rally their voters. The sad truth is that they are likely right.


Really? And that horrific “Let’s go Brandon” facemask? Awful. Wait — remember the horrible face, below, Dann-O? No, not Kathy Griffith — the severed head of Donald Trump covered in the blood.

It got worse.

The ridiculous essay suggests “Let’s go, Brandon” is “about much more than political passion or anger. It’s about weaponizing the vulgar dehumanization of our entire democratic — small d — experiment.”

Dan Rather, ladies and gentlemen, at his “finest.”

“Shockingly,” Rather and Kirschner rushed to Biden’s defense, as well.

[Biden is] not only a person; he is the President of the United States, whether your tinfoil-shrouded conspiracy brain cares to recognize that fact or not. [You mean how you recognized the fact that Donald Trump was president, Dan-O?]

How many times have we heard Republicans sanctimoniously preach about how Democrats don’t ‘respect’ the office of the presidency for such things as President Obama not saluting properly or wearing a tan suit?

Ooh, I’m glad you brought up Chicago Jesus Barack Obama. We remember the moment, well.


Speaking of hypocrites, Trump-hater Tristan Snell, who still brags about prosecuting Trump in a 2013 civil case as the assistant attorney general of New York, is also among those who have their panties in a wad over “Let’s go, Brandon.” Fortunately, “Hold My Beer” called out Snell for his mind-blowing hypocrisy.

Even better, my RedState colleague Sister Toldjah blistered Snell on Sunday in a perfectly-worded takedown, The Most ‘Cry Harder’ CNN Translation for ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ Has Arrived, in which she included the below response to Snell from Canadian journalist Ezra Levant.

Levant hit the left-wing nail on the hypocritical head. Liberals have long trotted out Adolf Hitler blasts against Republicans, including Trump on a regular basis. Obscene “white supremacy” and slavery references, as well — most recently, former NFL quarterback and current multimillionaire crybaby Colin Kaepernick, who, in a new Netflix piece of crap, literally compared NFL training camp to buying slaves.


But again, “Let’s go, Brandon” remains the current coin of the left-wing outrage-industry realm.

Why? Because these people are left-wingers and the hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds.


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