Republican Attorneys General Warn Google: Stop Censoring Pro-Life Group 'Misinformation' or Else


This. This is how it must be done. Or, at the very least, it is a beginning.

Red states must take it upon themselves to do what the federal government refuses to do: warn Big Tech to knock off the suppression and outright censorship of people, entities, values, and morality opposed to the radical left-wing ideology that is doing its damnedest to destroy America as we know it.


In the wake of the overturn of Roe v. Wade, multiple Republican state attorneys general warned Google in a letter that discriminating against pro-life crisis pregnancy centers in search results or on platforms like Google Maps could result in investigations or possible lawsuits, as reported on Friday by the Blaze and other media outlets.

The warning comes roughly a month after Congressional Democrats predictably pressured Google to purge pro-life groups from search results for reproductive health care and suppress “misinformation” — facts and truth — promoted by the pro-life organizations. “Shocking” that pro-abortion Democrats would do that, huh?

Via The Blaze:

In a letter led by Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron and Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares, a total of 17 state attorneys general promised that if Google bowed to pressure from the left to censor pro-life groups, they would “act swiftly to protect American consumers from this dangerous axis of corporate and government power.”

The attorneys general in the Thursday letter addressed Google CEO Sundar Pichai:

Suppressing pro-life and pro-mother voices at the urging of government officials would violate the most fundamental tenet of the American marketplace of ideas.

Will Google ultimately heed the warning? Hard to say — but I can say this:

The fundamental tenet of the far-left is intolerance and exclusion, all the while preaching tolerance and inclusion to the rest of us to accept — if not outright embrace — radical leftist ideology. And those who refuse? As for Google, Facebook, and YouTube, they promptly resort to suppression and censorship.


Why? To “protect” us from misinformation and disinformation, they claim — a complete crock of crap.

The dirty little non-secret “secret” is that the left is terrified of anything that exposes or contradicts its various narratives, from so-called “gun violence” to illegal-alien data to abortion statistics, and beyond.

It’s not like we haven’t seen censorship throughout history; Vladimir Lenin, Mao Zedong, and Kim Jong Un presently come to mind. So, why not the Democrat Party, its lapdog media, and like-minded Big Tech?

The attorneys general’s letter came in response to a letter from Democrat lawmakers, “urging” Google to take action against “anti-abortion fake clinics or crisis pregnancy centers,” including delisting the pro-life crisis centers for search results and Google maps.

And who can forget Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) losing her mind, following the Roe overturn, including declaring that crisis pregnancy centers need to be “shut down all around the country” — for the “sin” of providing pregnant women (I’m a biologist [sarc], it’s cool) with choices other than abortion.

The bottom line:

Think about it. We read reports about the left’s insidious efforts to curtail free speech on a regular basis, to the point that they no longer ring the alarms they would have rung, not all that long ago.


Why? Desensitization? Resignation? Passive acceptance?

We are witnessing Orwellian reality, America, one step at a time. We must either rise up and stop it, or sit back and one day wake up to a Big Brother America we no longer recognize — after it’s too late.

The efforts of the red state attorneys general was good place to start.

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