Elizabeth Warren Readies Incredibly Evil Attack on Crisis Pregnancy Centers

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Elizabeth Warren has been one of the more hysterical politicians to witness in the lead-up to and aftermath of Roe v. Wade being overturned. After the initial majority draft leak, Warren appeared to have a seizure on the Capitol grounds as she gyrated wildly and shouted at reporters “We are gonna fight!” Her behavior after Dobbs dropped was no better.


With that in mind, leave it to Warren to deliver the most insane, objectively evil legislative response to the entire ordeal, and no, I’m not talking about simply “codifying” Roe at the federal level. Instead, Warren is now seeking to punish crisis pregnancy centers, claiming they “mislead” patients (she won’t say women, of course) “seeking abortion care.”

As I’ve said before, there’s little in politics that makes me angry. Typically, I try to find the snark and humor in any topic I cover, and if you follow me on social media, you’ve probably picked up on that. Consider this one of the few exceptions, though, especially given that my wife and I donate to an excellent crisis pregnancy center every month.

I know from experience what they do, and none of it is “misleading” or harmful. Rather, unlike the one-track death mills that are abortion clinics, crisis pregnancy centers provide ultrasounds, bottles, formula, diapers, counseling, and other resources that many pregnant women desperately need. Do they try to counsel women to choose life by providing them with viable alternatives to abortion? Of course, they do — and what exactly is wrong with that? Are Democrats now at the place where they actually prefer abortions over births?


The answer is that yes, yes they are. Warren and the pro-abortion fanatics who agree with her are actually pro-baby death at this point. They see the practice of abortion as some kind of perverted empowerment and a sign of justice for “birthing people” to end their pregnancies. You can almost see the blood dripping from Warren’s teeth as she goes after already underfunded crisis pregnancy centers that simply exist to help new mothers. I won’t quite call her disposition Hitlerian, but it strikes me as pretty dang close. We are staring into the abyss with politicians like this holding power in our country.

Republicans need to go on the offensive here. Start calling these lunatics out for who they are and make them defend their abhorrent positions. Past that, I encourage everyone reading this to take some money every month and give it to your local crisis pregnancy center. If you are pro-life, don’t just talk the talk. Walk the walk so we can marginalize these ghouls once and for all.



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