Biden's Latest Scheme to Provide Nationwide Abortion Is Pure Desperation

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As I wrote above the headline, I first went with “laughable desperation” because the dogged determination of self-proclaimed “devout Catholic” Joe Biden to do his damnedest to circumvent the Roe v. Wade overturn clearly demonstrates his near-panicked desperation to pander to the radical on-demand abortion crowd.


While Biden’s disgraceful determination to placate radical abortion activists is “laughable,” it is on a visceral level only. There’s nothing “funny” about murdering a healthy, fully developed child, right up until birth. Yet the desperation of a self-proclaimed “devout Catholic” who refers to abortion as an essential health care service, to ensure “legal” means to do just that is pathetically laughable indeed.

How desperate has Biden become? Mail-in abortions, desperate.

Human Events Daily’s Jack Posobiec blasted Biden’s latest plan to make abortion legal at the federal level, despite the intentions of states to control their own laws — made possible by the overturn of Roe — on abortion and abortion-related issues.

That’s right, gang — mail-order abortion.

As noted by Human Events, Biden intends to roll out a plan that would enable women to legally purchase abortion pills through the mail, regardless of whether or not abortion is legal in their states. Again, even in states that have expressly, and within their legal rights, placed limits on abortion or outright banned it.

I don’t want to get out over my legal skis, here, but how would Biden’s scheme differ from allowing residents of states where marijuana is illegal to buy it via mail from suppliers in states where it is legal?

Here’s Posobiec attempting to explain Biden’s inexplainable scheme:

The Biden administration put out new guidance— guidelines, guidance…it’s not medical orders anymore, it’s not mandated, it’s just guidance— from the Department of Health and Human Services, DHHS … It said that pharmacists must prescribe abortion pills under federal law, regardless of who requests them.


“Pharmacists must prescribe abortion pills under federal law, regardless of who requests them.” That is ridiculous on multiple levels — from the SCOTUS striking down Roe to the preposterous notion that any or all prescription medicines should be available via mail to anyone to my marijuana analogy.

Posobiec continued — in spot-on fashion:

Well, here’s the problem with that. What they’re doing is, they’re setting up a potential conflict between federal law and state law. And the Biden administration knows this: because what happens then? What happens if you’re a pharmacist in a state where abortion has been banned, and yet someone comes up and requests an abortion pill?

Of course, Big Pharma is going to love this. We know that’s what the Biden administration is helping. But what then if you’re in a state that doesn’t ban abortions, but you want to mail them to someone in a state that does?

What they’re doing is creating universal mail-in nationwide abortions through these abortion pills, and they call it Plan C. There are whole organizations for this. Nobody, I think in the conservative movement, is actually talking about this. We have to dig through what they’re doing. They call it telehealth. They call it virtual abortions.

There it is again, Joe — that conflict between federal rights and states’ rights. What part of the very simple differentiation do you fail to understand? The truth? Of course, Biden and his handlers understand it.


The bottom line:

Biden and the Democrats fully understand the federal law (rights) vs. state law (rights) argument, exactly as they also understood it every time Biden issued yet another ridiculous COVID mandate — every one of which was shot down in the courts on the basis of unconstitutionality.

As to Roe, Biden and the Democrats continue to propose end-around schemes  — my latest fave, a floating abortion clinic in the Gulf of Mexico — and make desperate statements, solely for the purpose of continuing to stoke the rabid abortion “rights” fire, all with the midterm elections and 2024 in mind.

Democrats. It’s what they do.

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