Kamala Harris' 'New' Plan to Combat Biden Border Crisis Is Misguided in Multiple Ways

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Welp, more than a year since Vice President Kamala “Root Causes” Harris has been anywhere near the Southern Border, our maladroit veep has announced a “new” plan to attack the Biden Border Crisis™.


New plan, as in same as the old plan.

The ever-clueless Harris on Tuesday announced that the Biden Administration’s plan to attract U.S. investment to Central America — part of the effort to reduce illegal immigration, you know — has generated $3.2 billion in private-sector commitments. As reported by the AP, Harris made the announcement during comments at the Summit of the Americas, which brings together countries from across the hemisphere.

We know the American people will benefit from stable and prosperous neighbors. And when we provide economic opportunity for people in Central America, we address an important driver of migration.

Not to nitpick, but the American people would benefit even more from a stable and prosperous American economy

As the AP further noted, Harris stressed she would focus on “empowering women who face poverty and violence in their home countries,” in particular, referring to the “In Her Hands” initiative, which, according to AP, “aims to connect more women to the banking system, help them participate in agriculture and provide them with training in coding and cybersecurity.” Said Harris:

When you lift up the economic status of women, you lift up the economic status of families, of her community, and of our entire hemisphere.

Meanwhile — again, not to nitpick — a caravan of at least 10,000 soon-to-be-illegal immigrants, which is expected to swell to roughly 15,000 before reaching the border, continues its drive to Joe Biden’s America. “Now we need him to keep his promise,” said one Haitian migrant.


The obvious questions abound.

Why are “we” responsible for providing economic opportunity to the people of Central America, Mexico, or any other country on the planet other than our own?

Incidentally, Central American poverty is far more to blame on decades of corrupt government than on the U.S. failing to provide adequate “investment” — U.S. taxpayer handouts — so how would sending even more money to corrupt politicians help end the corruption?

And where does it end, Kamala? Illegal immigrants “seeking a better life ” continue to stream into America from every corner of the world. Is it also up to “we” to “provide” economic opportunity for all of them, as well? Again, where does it end?

Finally — and most importantly — what happens in the meantime in our country, as untold millions of Americans suffer economic hardship while crushing gas prices — which Biden calls part of an “incredible transition” — continue to soar? And grocery store bills? The price of used cars? The list goes on.

The bottom line:

Biden’s approach — along with that of the entire Democrat Party — to both his self-created border crisis and self-created oil/gas price crisis are not dissimilar in one important aspect. Both are driven by the left’s long-term goals.

With the oil and gas crisis— evil “fossil fuels” — the overarching objectivity is “green energy.” In the case of the border crisis, the objective is to permanently change the political landscape in America, ultimately leading, Democrats wrongly believe, to a permanent Democrat majority.


Hence, in both cases, Democrats believe, the hardships that befall everyday America in the interim are little more than “necessary evils” at worst, and as Joe said about out-of-control gas prices, “incredible.”

And if you don’t like any of it? Let the fearmongering, ad hominems, and silly labeling begin.

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