POLL: Biden's Approval Rating Among Hispanics Tanks 29 Percent Since Last Year

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

President Joe Biden has been having a rough time winning the favor of most Americans, but one group appears to have soured on him more than any other.

In a new Quinnipiac poll posted Wednesday, only 26 percent of Hispanics polled said they approved of the job the president is doing in office, compared to 55 percent last year, Fox News reported.

His overall approval in the poll, which asked 1,586 American adults a variety of questions from May 12 to May 16, shows Biden at a meager 35 percent approval, and a high, 57 percent disapproval.

While the size of the shift is disputed, there is evidence that there is at least some shift among Hispanics toward the Republican Party, even if it is not a majority just yet.

For anyone who thinks this poll is an outlier, it matches with earlier data from Quinnipiac from April, which also shows a rock bottom, 26 percent approval among the demographic, The Hill reported.

This significant drop reflects the frustrations of all Americans, regardless of their racial background. People nationwide are concerned about the rising costs of living, the border crisis, foreign affairs, and a whole host of other issues stemming from poor liberal policies.