Biden's Hypocrisy Reaches New Heights in Blatant Effort to Spin the Economy Both Ways

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Bidenomics. It’s a beautiful thing. If you’re Joe Biden and the Democrat Party, that is.

On Planet Biden, you — if the “you” is Biden — can have it both ways. You can lie your head off about “record job growth” and “record GDP growth” out of one side of your face, then turn around and out of the other side of your face, lament the heavy burden facing “everyday Americans” due to a “still recovering economy,” which was only bad in the first place because Trump.


Then again, everything wrong in America is because Trump. Except for stuff that is because Putin, of course. Fortunately for Joe, on Planet Biden, nothing is ever because Biden. 

Case in point:

Just one day after extending the pandemic-era student loan pause for another four months, as reported by Washington Examiner on Monday, Biden trumpeted historically low unemployment, a stark contrast that could not more clearly illustrate Biden’s hypocrisy on the economy.

Alfredo Ortiz, president, and CEO of the conservative advocacy group Job Creators Network summed it up perfectly, as transcribed by The Examiner.

Every chance he gets, Biden brags about record job growth and record GDP growth — knowing this is merely a function of the economy getting back on its feet after the pandemic. But when it comes to advancing liberal policy, Biden suddenly claims that America is in distress.

While inflation continues to cause untold stress for low-income families and individuals, Biden refuses to admit his out-of-control, drunken-sailor spending spree is to blame. As Ortiz correctly noted, the student loan moratorium is no more than Democrat window dressing, aimed squarely at clueless activists like AOC and others. Biden is clearly trying to keep the peace — but also with a worried eye on the ballot box.

Here’s Joe announcing the extension, via The Examiner.

As I recognized in recently extending the COVID-19 national emergency, we are still recovering from the pandemic and the unprecedented economic disruption it caused. If loan payments were to resume on schedule in May, analysis of recent data from the Federal Reserve suggests that millions of student loan borrowers would face significant economic hardship, and delinquencies and defaults could threaten Americans’ financial stability.


At least half of the above is a complete crock of crap.

The student loan moratorium, which began under Donald Trump in March 2020, will now last until at least Aug. 31 — and potentially longer. Meanwhile, unemployment peaked at 15 percent two years ago but is now at 3.6 percent overall and just two percent for college graduates.

Less than 24 hours after his “COVID-19 national emergency” nonsense, Biden issued another statement — this one lauding the economy.

America is back to work. Today’s data demonstrate that America is on the move again, and the economy is uniquely well-positioned to overcome the global challenges brought on by the pandemic and Putin’s war of choice.

I am not going to again point to the abject idiocy of lying about Vladimir Putin being responsible for the Biden Oil Crisis, the Biden Economic Crisis, or the Biden anything-else crisis, but please.

Incidentally, a final word on the student loan pause, which affects 41 million borrowers who collectively hold more than $1.3 trillion in total debt and has already cost taxpayers more than $100 billion, according to Education Department estimates. I had no problem with Trump’s student loan moratorium during the pandemic, and I’d bet a dollar he would have ended it months ago if he were still in the White House, given that his intent was valid — but the pandemic has long passed.

Let’s call a spade a spade: Biden is fully aware of the far-left demand for the cancellation of student loan debt. He is too chicken-crap to definitively agree or not agree. It really is that simple.


So now we have weak-kneed Biden, who tries to have it both ways on damn near everything, and that reality could not be more clear. He waffles, he equivocates, he lies out of both sides of his face — all because he doesn’t want to tick off the so-called “moderate” wing of the Democrat Party, but sure as hell wants to placate the radical left, led by the erstwhile bartender and her clueless Squad.

The bottom line:

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was never a leader. He remains a Barney Fife — minus the charm and loveability factor — hopelessly pretending to be a leader, who gets led around by his nose by whichever side of his party screams the loudest.

Unfortunately, that loudest side is the radical left.


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