Rashida Tlaib Made the Case on the House Floor on Why You Should Pay Her Student Loan Debt...No, Really

AP Photo/Paul Sancya

Radical left darling and squad member, Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib, took the time yesterday to make a presentation on the House floor about why we should “cancel student loan debt.” The kicker was that she actually used herself as a prime candidate for wiping the slate clean.


The video, posted by The Hill, features Tlaib waxing tragic about how she accumulated student loan debt and was having a hard time paying it off because instead of going into high paying jobs, she was doing the important work of political activism and shouting “impeach the mother f***er” to crowds.

While a good retooling in the educational system and its costs would do our nation well, what Tlaib is asking for is not that all the student loan debt is wiped away. That can’t happen. That money has to come in from somewhere in order to pay the cost.

What she’s asking for is that you pay her bill like some kind of sugar daddy.

She wants to pass the costs off to taxpayers who never agreed to take on the debt in the first place, effectively paying for something she chose to do. It really doesn’t help her case that Tlaib makes far more money than most people in America do thanks to her bloated congressional salary of $175,000 a year. As Jazz Shaw noted in his article about this, that puts Tlaib in the top 8 percent of American households in terms of salary earnings.


So it’s a relatively well-off woman advocating to force you, a taxpayer who statistically makes less than she does, to foot the bill for a degree you didn’t agree for her to have, nor agree to pay for.

Imagine being a person who went to college and came out with student loan debt, and instead of jumping into activism and working for non-profits, you worked hard to climb ladders and make more money with the degree you earned, eventually paying off your student debt with it all. Then you see Tlaib advocating for all the student debt in America to be forgiven. Virtue signalers may say they agree with her, but what if she actually pulls it off and taxpayers have to fork over cash in order to forgive it? You worked your tail off to pay off yours and now others are just having it wiped.

You’d be rightfully angry, and many like you would be demanding to have some of the money you used to pay off your debt to be returned to you. Next thing you know, taxpayers are being forced to hand over money to those who already had their debts paid off in the spirit of “fairness.”

Where does it end?


It ends by realizing that Tlaib knows student loan debt won’t be forgiven and this is just a fun way to boost her popularity with hard leftists. Her cause is one of the least important in America, with student loan forgiveness not even appearing in the top 20 in terms of concerns for Americans. In fact, a recent poll found the issue was on a steep decline in terms of approval.

It’s a losing battle for Tlaib, and one that, frankly, isn’t fair to everyone else who didn’t take on the debt.


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