Desperate Democrat Challenger Attacks DeSantis for 'MAGA Trolling'

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Attacking the other guy vs. focusing on one’s own accomplishments or positions is a tactic as old as politics itself. Comes with the territory. That said, a new effort by Rep. Charlie Crist (D-Fla.), who hopes to challenge Gov. Ron DeSantis in the 2022 gubernatorial election, takes the proverbial cake.


Before we continue with Crist, let’s state the obvious. The Democrat Party is terrified of Ron DeSantis. Just as the left is terrified of all conservatives with the courage to not only take them to task regularly but who also have a microphone and a large enough audience to effect change.

Enter Charlie Crist, who now accuses the popular governor of ignoring the interests of Floridians because he’s too busy “MAGA trolling.”

MAGA trolling?

Far be from me to ever resort to internet rag Media Matters as a source for anything, but I’m about to make an exception because Crist’s charge is so ridiculous, we need to view “MAGA trolling” in the context with which he used it:

MAGA Trolls

[S]ocial media personalities who gained notoriety through their support of President Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” message, and people who identify as “alt-right.”

Pro-Trump MAGA trolls and self-identified members of the “alt-right” include the far-right social media personalities Mike Cernovich, Jack Posobiec, Charlie Kirk, Laura Loomer, and white supremacists that brand themselves with the “alt-right” label.

Again, silly. “Shockingly,” Crist followed up the tweet with a fundraising tweet.

Help me prevent Ron from getting a second term. Can we get 300 new online donors today?


So, Crist accuses DeSantis of ignoring his constituents because he’s too busy MAGA trolling, then 10 minutes later, refers to him as “Ron”? How civil.

Let’s see if we can’t figure out why Charlie Crist thinks Ron DeSantis is not only a MAGA troll but also how the Florida governor has ignored his constituents, shall we?

Maybe it’s because of DeSantis’s support for Florida’s parental rights bill and the Stop Woke Act, both of which not only ban radical agendas in public classrooms in the Sunshine State but also give parents the legal right to know what their kids are being “taught.”

Or maybe it’s because DeSantis recently told a group of students they didn’t have to wear their masks if they didn’t want to, saying it was time to “stop with this COVID theater.”

Then again, maybe it was the way the governor absolutely took Biden apart after the FDA pulled the Emergency Use Authorization for two monoclonal antibodies used as therapeutics for COVID patients. DeSantis has championed the use of the antibodies; Florida established a system of clinics in which they have been effectively used in treating the virus.

Ah, wait. Maybe it was the estimated $1 billion suspension of Florida’s gas tax to provide relief from soaring gas prices to drivers at the pump, while Biden and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg continue to run around pushing EVs — electric cars — as the magic solution. That is both naive and ignorant.


Finally, perhaps it was DeSantis’s proclamation on Tuesday that Florida does not recognize transgender swimmer Lia Thomas’ victory in the NCAA 500-yard women’s freestyle event last Thursday, and is instead declaring Sarasota native and runner-up Emma Weyant the “rightful winner” in his state.

Welp, I’m still stumped. I’ll do a bit more digging into the Florida governor’s MAGA trolling and get back to you.


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