Blue-Check Lib Podcaster Knows Why GOP Is Closely Watching Russian Invasion and It's Hilarious

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In this episode of “Can’t Make It Up, Don’t Have To”…

I’m going to begin this piece differently than the way I do most pieces by just slapping this ridiculous tweet right upfront and moving on from there. Reason being, it’s not only hilarious; it’s downright crazy as hell.


We watch Putin’s horrific attack on the people of Ukraine in horror. Trump and much of his GOP view it as a playbook to wage more Jan 6 attacks in the US to end our democracy.

Wait — wut?

That’s right, America. Podcaster and Muslim “comedian” Dean Obeidallah has convinced himself that Donald Trump and his evil band of Republican insurrectionists are closely watching Vladimir Putin’s brutal invasion of Ukraine, so they can learn a few battle tactics in preparation for waging more attacks like the Jan. 6 Capitol riot and end democracy in the United States of America. Let that sink in.

Last time I checked, the Republican Air Force was short on fighter jets and attack helicopters, and the Republican Army was just as short on ground forces. So, I’m not quite sure how Obeidallah’s inside scoop is going to play out. Perhaps he’ll soon share with us “the rest of the (lunatic) story.”


While it’s easy to make fun of these Planet Looney Tunes dwellers for this kind of silly nonsense on a near-daily basis, Obeidallah’s ridiculous assertion stands as one more stark reminder of how the radical left really thinks. And don’t forget; they’re far from stupid. That said, they have a twisted (usually bitter) view of, as the Pledge of Allegiance says, American “liberty and justice for all.” And make no mistake: they want to destroy America as we know it — yet they cowardly and ironically accuse conservatives of the same.

Obeidallah is far from the Lone Ranger, lunatic Liberal, using Putin’s invasion of Ukraine to attempt to score points outside of the Looney Tunes base.

As reported by Fox News on Wednesday, MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” trotted out The Atlantic’s Anne Applebaum, who bills herself as a “journalist” and a “historian,” to weigh in on the Ukraine attack. It went exactly as you’d expect: Applebaum said “much of the fault lies in the Trump administration.”

Applebaum told Joe’s show sidekick and wife Mika Brzezinski she believes the Trump administration’s foreign policy was largely responsible for escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine:

I think it’s also important to remember, going back to something that we talked about earlier, that Putin has made various efforts to undo western military support for Ukraine, including during the Trump Administration.

If you remember, the argument over Trump’s first impeachment was about Trump refusing to give military aid to Ukraine because he imagined he could get some dirt on Joe Biden from the Ukrainians.

So why didn’t Putin do this during the Trump Administration? Because he thought Trump was weakening Ukraine, especially on this ground.

The problem of Ukraine being unfortified goes back several years and much of the fault lies in the Trump Administration.


Yeah, no.

The correct answer is because Vladimir Putin knew full well that, unlike Mumbles Biden™, Donald Trump would not stand idly as Russia amassed troops and military materiel (yes, materiel) on Ukraine’s border.

And far be it from me to question the mental stability of such a renowned [sarc] historian like Ms. Appelbaum, but if she honestly believes Ukraine was ever “fortified” to the extent of being capable of standing up to the Russian Army for any period of time — Trump or no Trump — the woman clearly has a screw or two loose.

Finally, liberal elitist political pundit Lincoln Mitchell, who has far too many “impressive” liberal credentials to his “credit, dropped an op-ed on the NBC News “Think” site on Thursday titled Russia and Ukraine’s conflict isn’t Biden’s fault. But many voters won’t see it that way, in which he argued, “though the Biden administration took tough actions against Russia [ROFL emoji], the president was unable to dissuade Putin from attacking Ukraine.”

To Mitchell’s credit, he correctly posited that, as a result of the Ukraine catastrophe, the 2022 midterms and 2024 general election will be a “nightmare” for Biden and the Democrats. And who does Mitchell believe will most benefit from the Russian invasion? Donald Trump.

Assuming Trump runs, as appears all but certain, wins the Republican nomination, which also appears at this point would be the case, and goes on to win the presidency — about which I have serious doubts — Mitchell was right again. Two out of three ain’t bad.


Meanwhile, liberal loons across the fruited plain will continue to spin the ever-loving hell out of Biden’s latest crisis. Hell, they’re surely used to it — if not dizzy as hell — by now.

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