Wait, Huh? Harris Condemns Human Trafficking, Then Blames COVID-19

What can be said about Kamala Harris that hasn’t already been said? Never mind — we don’t have all day. Let’s just focus on Harris hypocritically condemning human trafficking while simultaneously lauding the Biden Border Crisis and its continuing onslaught on America by an ever-increasing number of illegal aliens.


Ah, but there’s more. And it’s bizarre.

In a Tuesday speech delivered from the fake Oval Office TV set across from the White House, as reported by Breitbart, Harris focused her comments on the challenges facing The President’s Interagency Task Force to Monitor and Combat Trafficking Persons. It was another typical Kamala Harris performance.

Trafficking is an extremely heinous and profitable business. Let’s be clear: When we’re talking about human trafficking, we are talking about some human beings who are essentially buying and selling other human beings.

I don’t want to go all “Mr. Obvious,” here, but when you have all but installed one-way northbound people movers all along the Southern border and hired welcoming mariachi bands to play festive songs as illegal aliens continue to surge across the border, should you be surprised by the reality of people smugglers paid to “safely” escort said illegal aliens to the border? What do Biden and Harris expect?

And what does Harris blame, in large part, for the surge in trafficking? COVID-19. No, really.

Experts suggest that the number of people at risk has also grown during COVID-19. So we must address, with a sense of urgency, what is happening in our own backyard.


Incidentally, on Planet Kamala, I wonder if “must address” is synonymous with “the time to do” stuff.  As we reported last week, Harris, after being asked by a reporter if it was time for the Biden administration to make changes to its COVID strategy, brilliantly observed:

It is time for us to do what we have been doing. And that time is every day. Every day it is time for us to agree that there are things and tools that are available to us to slow this thing down.

Wait — huh?

Harris kicked the ball down the field, calling on businesses and political leaders to end human trafficking.

To be sure, the economic impact of forced labor is significant.  And it undermines our own supply chain, displacing American workers, driving down American wages, and creating an unlevel playing field for responsible American businesses.

It undermines our own supply chain, displacing American workers, driving down American wages, and creating an unlevel playing field for responsible American businesses.

What was true then is true now: It will take all of us to address human trafficking.


Stop the tape. Memo to Kamala:

You’re talking about what happens after traffickers bring illegals to the border. Whether those illegals are smuggled through tunnels or allowed to freely walk across the border, to paraphrase Hillary, what difference does it make? They still flow into the country, unabated, courtesy of the Biden administration.

What am I missing, here, Kamala?

Consider the following headlines:

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“As a nation,” Harris said, “we must require serious consequence and accountability for those who commit these crimes,” adding: “And we must work to stop these crimes before they happen.”


OK, I got this one. How ’bout we remove the people-movers and mariachi bands from the border, for starters. Then let’s stop shipping illegals across America in the dead of night.

Finally, let’s knock off the policy and stop announcing that we will no longer deport illegal aliens solely because they are undocumented, as our intrepid DHS chief Alejandro Mayorkas did in September.

The list goes on, but let’s start with these no-brainers and go from there, shall we?


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