Stand-up Comic? Biden Lackey Says Kamala Harris 'Has Done a Tremendous Job' on Border Crisis

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The Babylon Bee? The Onion? Nope, the above headline is not satire. What it is, is a partial quote from Biden’s Principal Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre aboard Air Force One on Friday, hilariously claiming that our intrepid vice president “has done a “tremendous job” on the Biden Border Crisis™— as illegal border crossings remain at a 21-year high. Perhaps she was referring to that “root causes” thingy.


Assuming Jean-Pierre was not auditioning as a stand-up comic, here’s her explanation of Cackles Harris doing a tremendous job battling illegal immigration. In response to an unidentified reporter’s question on whether the Biden administration has made any progress in addressing the root causes of “migration” [ROFL emoji] since Harris “took that over,” she replied:

“There has been some progress made. We have heard from the vice president… uh… um… from trips that she’s had bilateral engagements that she’s done… um… with the countries in the Northern Triangle, where she has announced humanitarian aid that’s been given to those… uh… different countries to help them deal with the root causes.

“So this is a continuous.. uh… continuing engagement. Look, this is not a light switch, right? This is something that’s going to take time and we’re gonna continue to work on that with our.. with uh… the countries in the region… and so the vice president has done a tremendous job in doing that so we’ll continue… uh… we’ll continue to do the work.”

Whoa, Karine — that’s a lot to unpack, huh? Lemme do that as surgically as I can: What a complete crock of meaningless crap. What the hell was that? She said zero about anything Harris has done. Know why? Because Madam Vice President hasn’t done a damn thing to help ease the crisis.


But here’s the thing. Neither Harris, Biden, nor anyone in the entire Democrat Party wants to do anything to stem the ceaseless flow of illegals. As I’ve said multiple times, given Biden’s clear-as-can-be message to illegal aliens throughout his pandering presidential campaign, he might as well have installed northbound ‘people movers’ along the southern border and hired mariachi bands to welcome them to America.

Here’s the other thing. Biden wouldn’t be saying crap about his border crisis if his favorable ratings across the board weren’t swirling down the toilet faster than those of CNN — The Most Trusted Name in News™.

The complete failure of Harris to suggest concrete actions to end her boss’s border crisis — make that her complete failure at all aspects of her job from day one — is replete with example after example. Among them, as reported by my colleague Sister Toldjah on Monday, was what our inept vice president was doing last Friday while a critical meeting was taking place between senior Biden officials and Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and members of his cabinet.

Spoiler: Harris was sampling treats at a New Jersey bakery.


And in September, as reported by my colleague Nick Arama, Harris was attending a college football game between Howard and Hampton in Washington, D.C. There were a lot of empty seats, but Harris, a graduate of Howard, was there to do the coin toss.

Kamala Harris, America. Working her ass off to make America a better place.

By the way, if you missed Fox News host Mark Levin’s beatdown of Nancy Pelosi over “what you knew and when she knew it” about the Jan. 6 breach of the U.S. Capitol building, check it out:

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