CNN Editor Announces Crack Team to 'Cover Misinformation'

CNN Editor Announces Crack Team to 'Cover Misinformation'
Alexandre Meneghini

CNN. The Most Trusted Name in News™. It just got worse. And by worse, I mean even more hilarious.

So, here’s the thing. A top CNN editor on Tuesday announced the formation of a crack, new CNN team at the hopelessly left-wing network — a network that continues to swirl down the ratings toilet almost as fast as hapless Joe Biden’s approval rating rockets ever deeper into the sewer.

Anyway, CNN Business Managing Editor Alex Koppelman posted the exciting news about the new jobs to Twitter. Heck, I wonder if it’s too late for me to apply? I’m sure I would’ve been a shoo-in.

Hello Twitter! Some very exciting MEDIA JOBS to tell you about. I’m hiring 3 people for a new CNN team dedicated to covering misinformation. Thread about the team/jobs starts here. Please feel free to share far and wide, and if you’re interested, reach out or apply at the links.

The first and most obvious question for Mr. Koppelman: Is this crack fact-check team going to work for CNN internally? If not, Mr. “Most Trusted Name in News,” your complete lack of self-awareness is breathtaking.

Koppelman then presented a little lesson on the meaning of “misinformation” — CNN-style.

What do we mean by covering misinformation? Really it’s about covering reality: The uses, abuses, and distortions of it, the people twisting it, and the effect that has on all of us. We already do a lot of important work on this; we want to do more.

[42 ROFLMAO emojis]

You ‘spose this guy has ever watched Don Lemon’s show? Alisyn Camerota? Brianna Keilar? Kate Bolduan? Ana Cabrera? Dana Bash, Brian Stelter, or Jeffrey Toobin? The “journalists” of CNN? Every one of them is a living and breathing, often-times lying, hypocritical example of the major league dishonesty and blatant hypocrisy of the self-proclaimed, most trusted name in news.

Noted talk radio show host Jason Rantz took a tongue-in-cheek shot at CNN over the announcement:

This is rather surprising. You don’t normally hear of left-wing networks hiring staff to call out its fellow anchors, reporters, and analysts for spreading nonsense. Kudos to CNN for finally looking in a mirror to call out their misinformation and disingenuous takes.

“Kudos to CNN”? For what? Oh, wait — Jason was making a funny.

Announcing a desperate stunt, in a near-panicky move to shore up the support of the few CNN viewers left? Couldn’t be more obvious. P.S. It will change nothing — except for CNN being mocked even more.

Investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald — the best in the business, IMHO — blasted the notion of a CNN fact-check team, as well.

Along with NBC, the New Yorker, the Atlantic, and NYT, Ground Zero for the insane Trump-is-Putin’s-blackmail-pawn conspiracy theory was CNN. They were led around by CIA to spread the most unhinged conspiracy. Now they really believe they fight, rather than spread, ‘misinformation.’

Trump spent 4 years attacking 2 core Russian vital interests: he 1) flooded Ukraine with lethal arms to fight Russia (which Obama refused to do) and 2) did everything to sabotage Moscow’s pipeline to Germany (which Biden allowed). The Trump-as-Putin-pawn is QAnon-level insane.

Greenwald drops mic, walks off stage.

The complete lack of awareness on the left — from the halls of Democrat-controlled Congress to the current occupant of the White House to the flying monkeys of the lapdog liberal media has always amused the hell out of me. The arrogant smugness even makes it funnier.

The fact that the hood ornament of the left-wing media clown car announces the formation of a team dedicated to “covering misinformation” is downright tears-rolling-down-my-cheeks hysterical.

Meanwhile, America, CNN is on it.

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