CNN Just Won’t Learn Its Lesson

There isn’t much you can say about CNN’s ratings and viewership that hasn’t already been said about the Titanic. The activist media outlet’s popularity has taken a sharp downturn over the past few years, after it decided to move from actual journalism to an outright propaganda farm. In fact, the way the outlet has blatantly provided aid and comfort to the Democratic Party in its efforts to keep the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riot at the forefront only further demonstrates how far they have strayed from their original purpose.


Fox News reported that CNN’s coverage has been laser-like focused on the riot — even at the expense of other issues that Americans find to be far more important. Despite news of the Labor Department announcing that inflation has risen by seven percent from December 2020, the activist media outlet still thought it more important to devote most of its coverage to the riot.

From Fox:

The committee’s request for the testimony of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., received 97 minutes of coverage from 3 pm E.T. to midnight, according to the study. Meanwhile, the inflation numbers received just 35 minutes and 34 seconds.

About 11 minutes of CNN’s inflation coverage, nearly a third of it, came from one program:  “The Lead with Jake Tapper.”

Newsbusters’ Curtis Houck explained:

The McCarthy request came during ‘CNN Newsroom with Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell,’ but in the six shows that aired afterward, four chose to lead with the McCarthy request instead of something that directly affects all Americans, but especially the poor and isolated.

So, inflation is on the rise, an issue that actually impacts the lives of everyday Americans, but CNN does not think it is as critical as a bunch of thugs rioting at the Capitol building. This is especially rich considering the outlet did everything it could to defend, or distract from, the George Floyd riots, which caused far more damage and took way more lives than Jan. 6. Fox News noted:


CNN averaged 5.3 million viewers on Jan. 6, 2021, but failed to crack 1.5 million during any hour of the day when the liberal network marked the anniversary of the riot with special programming. CNN averaged only 743,000 viewers on Jan. 6, 2022, for an 86 percent decline. CNN’s Jan. 6 anniversary coverage also shed 92 percent of its viewers among the key demo and 87 percent of primetime viewers.

This is yet another reason why CNN’s viewership is in decline. In prioritizing the political needs of the Democratic Party, it has shown how out of touch it is with the average American, who cares far more about their pocketbook than the riot. Indeed, even when the anniversary of the incident was approaching, it was easy to predict how the Democrats would celebrate commemorate it by going over the top and making an entire spectacle of the matter.

Most Americans view Jan. 6 as a horrible event that should never have happened. They believe those involved in the violence should be punished accordingly. But the Capitol riot is not a kitchen table issue by any stretch of the imagination. It simply does not touch people’s lives the way economic concerns have. It is no wonder, then, that CNN’s ratings have seen such a precipitous drop; people want a network to address their concerns, not try to convince them to vote for a particular party.


What is particularly interesting about this issue is that CNN’s ratings didn’t just start dropping; the decline began years ago. Nevertheless, they still insist on embracing activism instead of journalism. There have been rumblings that the network plans to move away from this trend because of how much its business has suffered. But at this point, even if they are serious, it might be too late for them to regain the viewers they have lost.


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