Kamala Harris Makes an Even Bigger Fool of Herself Lying About What She and the Democrats 'Stand For'

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Who knew? That Kamala Harris could make even more of a fool out of herself, I mean? Just when you think she can’t, she does. Like a champ. And as is usually the case, all she had to do was open her mouth.


The most inept vice president in decades — it’s not as if there aren’t other strong contenders — has been on quite the ridiculous roll, of late. As my colleague Nick Arama reported, her latest job — selling the benefits of electric vehicles to the American people — began nonsensically before fizzling out altogether.

And as my colleague Sister Toldjah reported this week, our intrepid veep’s silly June quest to the Northern Triangle to discover the “root causes” of the Biden Border Crisis™ resurfaced when Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei revealed Harris made a grand total of one visit, and other than speaking with Joe Biden once to introduce himself, he has had no “direct communication” with Biden or Harris about the border crisis. Yet these people have zero clue why their approval rating numbers suck so much.

Anyway, while lying to donors about Biden’s initiatives this week — including his cornerstone “Build Back Better” socialist monstrosity that is going down in flames as we speak — Harris put on her big girl pants, inauthentically carrying on (lying) about all the moral, noble things she and the Democrat Party stand for.


Every bit of it a complete crock of crap.

**Warning: You might find the following faux drama repulsive.**

We must make it clear. Democrats stand for women’s rights. And we believe that the right of a woman to make a decision about her own body is non-negotiable. Non-negotiable.

Democrats stand for voting rights […] We stand for Dreamers [illegal aliens]. We stand for farmworkers.

We stand for our LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters. We stand for people with disabilities. We stand for our children and the planet they will inherit.

Where to begin? Standing for the “non-negotiable” “right” to kill unborn children on demand, yet also claiming to stand for children? How about the kids who were never given a chance to inherit anything — let alone the planet? Or, heck — standing for biological male swimmers kicking the hell out girls in sports?


Let’s continue, shall we?

“Voting rights.” Democrats stand for making it easier for Democrat voters to cheat. They support less personal identification to vote than to buy prescription drugs in most states. They skewered Donald Trump for questioning the 2020 election, yet they still stand by Hillary Clinton and her silly claims. And let’s toss in Stacey Abrams, who still claims she won the Georgia governor’s race, three years ago.

“We stand for farmworkers.” Lemme fix that for you, Kamala. You stand for black farm workers and illegal alien farm workers, which is why  Republican Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller filed an anti-discrimination lawsuit against the Biden administration in April.

And, c’mon. Who doesn’t stand for people with disabilities? If you didn’t drag out tired old nonsensical talking points you wouldn’t be able to rattle off Democrat talking points at all.

Finally, as this Twitter user correctly observed, Harris didn’t say “We stand for law and order” because she doesn’t. She stands for cashless bail, even for repeat offenders. She stands for raising money to pay bail, as well. Remember Minneapolis, Kamala? You know, all those “peaceful protesters” you worried about?


The bottom line:

It wasn’t as if I chose to write this article because I wasn’t sure if readers really understand how awful Kamala Harris is. On the contrary. Then again, Kamala Harris — of all people — standing at a podium, with a straight face, pontificating about all the things she stands for?

That’s too much. Even for Kamala Harris.


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