Kamala Harris' Latest Biden Job Assignment Goes Downhill Quickly

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

I might feel sorry for Kamala Harris for the position she’s in except that she went along with this whole farce of an administration willingly.

Harris seems to be given every fail job in the administration — like making her the point person for dealing with the border crisis. Of course, part of the problem is the Biden policies. Plus she’s not doing much on the job. As we noted, she was supposedly working on the root causes of migration with countries like Guatemala. But since her publicized visit back in June, according to the Guatemalan president, she hasn’t had any communication with them. When you don’t show up or do anything about a job, it tends not to get done, even assuming you had any intention to do it, to begin with. But she has been to Paris, visited bakeries, and made a creepy space video with kids.


But while Harris is still failing on her border job, she seems to have been given another no-win job: selling the benefit of electric vehicles. Now, why is this the government’s job to favor particular industries? It isn’t. Admittedly, it’s a tough job because electric vehicles are expensive, require a variety of infrastructure that isn’t in place, and are otherwise problematic. Americans are largely not on board with them. How do you make selling them even tougher? Stick the unpopular person with the 28 percent approval rating out there to pitch for them. I’m thinking that’s not the way to go.

But then she hilariously had issues with how the electric car was charged when she was supposed to be demonstrating for us how it worked. There’s no “sound and fume” of the gas, Harris said. So, she cackled, “How do I know that it’s working?”


Does she now know how electricity and plugs work? Is she truly that clueless? She’s still holding onto the cord like she thinks it’s a gasoline hose, trying to get the last drops out. It’s a plug, Kamala, you can let it go.

Harris spoke about “charging station equity” — making sure that rural communities and apartment building complexes could get charging stations. Here’s her rocket scientist remark — if you can’t charge them, they don’t work.

Once again, this doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in these folks who are in these positions of power. And I’m confused, shouldn’t this be the responsibility of the Energy Secretary or Transporation Secretary Pete Buttigieg? Or is this part of a tussle with Buttigieg? Regardless, I’m not thinking that anyone is going to be rushing out to buy an electric vehicle because of Kamala’s performance here.



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