Obama Official Throws Joe Under the Bus: Calling Afghanistan Disaster a Success ‘Hurts Your Credibility'

Obama Official Throws Joe Under the Bus: Calling Afghanistan Disaster a Success ‘Hurts Your Credibility'
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The news just keeps getting “better” for the hapless 46th President of the United States.

First, as RedState reported on Sunday, the unbelievable happened: Biden’s approval rating has fallen to an incredible low of just 38 percent, cratering among independent voters largely responsible for his margin of victory over Donald Trump a year ago. (Hate comments commence in 3… 2… 1…)

Second, as RedState reported on Monday, for whatever reason — being purposely kept out of the loop, a continuing decline in mental acuity, or perhaps both — Biden just can’t seem to keep the story straight about the Department of Justice “settling” with illegal aliens who entered the country during the Trump administration; paying them roughly $450,000 per person or up to $1 million per family.

Biden initially called the report “garbage” when Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy asked him about it, only to then lose his crap when asked about it again, later — this time in defense of handing out free taxpayer money to illegal aliens. Who does that? Joe Biden.

Third, as Biden ridiculously continues to call his disastrous Afghanistan debacle an “extraordinary success,” Leon Panetta, Secretary of Defense under Barack Obama, called out his old pal during an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” this week. ICYMI, here’s Biden’s nonsensical claim in August:

Thing is, as has been the case with other recent presidents, Biden is incapable of owning his mistakes; no matter how blatant and obvious those mistakes might appear to honest, rational people. One need look no further than the Biden Border Crisis and this failed president’s (lack of) reaction to it, as illegal aliens — including untold numbers of COVID-positive illegals — continue to stream across border unabated.

In addition, a quick look at the Biden Oil Crisis, and the feckless guy responsible for it blaming the entire oil shortage and subsequent out-of-control gas prices on Russia and OPEC. Who does that? Joe Biden.

As Fox reported, Panetta, who also served under Bill Clinton, said the most important thing for a president is to shoot straight with the American people (emphasis mine):

“I’ve told presidents this at various jobs that I’ve had that the most important thing about the responsibility as president is, to be honest with the American people.

That means not only taking credit for your successes, it means telling the American people when you make a mistake because they know you’ve made a mistake. You know you made a mistake.”

And what happens when presidents lie to the American people, Leon?

Without using “the L-word,” Panetta said it’s “no secret” Biden “made a mistake” with the Afghanistan withdrawal — for which he alone was responsible —and that the “execution was not conducted right.”

“Frankly, to play this game of kind of always portraying your worst mistakes as some kind of success hurts your credibility as president of the United States.”

Ah, I see. What about you, Joe? Do you see? Never mind — eat your pudding cup.

Here’s the thing with Leon Panetta, and many moderate Democrats of his era.

While I seldom agreed with the former Clinton and Obama official, I always tended to believe he was telling the truth — in the sense that he was honest in believing what he said he believed, even when I disagreed with him. How many of today’s Democrats can we describe the same way? Nancy Pelosi? Not for a second. Chuck Schumer? Of course, not. Kamala Harris? She’s too clueless to have substantive thought about anything. And Joe Biden? Oh, hell to the no.

Meanwhile, Biden’s America™ continues.

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