Memo to Biden: Is It "Garbage" or Should We "Get It Straight"?

We have so many examples of our President’s incompetence … his sheer stupidity … his cognitive decline. His stupidity was always evident, even when he was a young political creature, but that plus his obvious dementia is a lethal combination for America. It’s fearsome for those of us with our faculties; those who are rational, sane, and intelligent.


The latest jolt to our comfort, security, and sanity is his rabid denial that his administration was pursuing paying immigrating criminals who for whatever reason were separated from their children 450,000 DOLLARS per adult, child, and newborn. This, of course, is pure insanity. It’s “garbage,” our placeholder President told Americans and the world. “If you guys keep sending that garbage out, yeah,” Slow-Joe wittily opined. Or he thought it was witty, anyway.

In his response to Fox News’ cross-examination expert Peter Doocy, Biden finally got a sentence right and it was a total lie, recognized immediately. Perhaps this is his poker-tell and how we might know his lies from his stammering half-truths. “It’s not gonna happen.” this empty suit added with finality. But nothing’s ever final with this soon-to-be nursing-home patient. We can never trust a word that escapes his mouth.

After inflicting those patently false words on us, Biden then did a complete about-face as a definite result of being spanked by his trusted cadre of sometimes Rhodes Scholar idiots who are either men sitting home trying to figure out how to breastfeed a baby or being crowned the “world’s first female admiral” when they are biologically and DNA-confirmed A MAN. What a twisted world they live in and are trying to force America to join.


Of course Karine Jean Pierre, Biden’s assistant’s, assistant lie-spinner, quickly came out telling most of us who were laughing or crying uncontrollably:

“[T]he President is perfectly comfortable with the Department of Justice settling with the individuals and families currently in litigation … because we had an administration (Trump) that had an inhumane, immoral policy … “

Blah, blah blah. If there is a more robust example of how amateur liars try to deceive the American people, it’s Ms. Jean-Pierre’s total focus on a script written by the liars above her. Of course, this isn’t just the DOJ being thrown under the bus — as if Biden and his people had no knowledge of it — but also the ACLU, who filed the suit. Obviously, the ACLU and the DOJ are both runaway, out of control, and seriously amok organizations that might as well be abolished.

Just the other day, David Spunt of Fox News asked Biden whether these payments were “garbage” or real. Biden in his perpetual way of insulting the press and anyone listening, first corrected Spunt that “no, I didn’t say that … ” (when we all know he did), then demanded Spunt, Fox News, and any media factually reporting on this travesty, “get it straight.” Coming from a man who’s gotten absolutely nothing straight in his more than 50 years of service, involving his being paid taxpayer money for doing nothing or worse, this was yet another indication of his bizarre neurological state. The way he blames others and misreports his own history, and the history of the country, is borderline criminal. Plagiarism and prevaricating are but two of his legacy traits.


Biden then pulled his “angry old man” or “I’m gonna take Trump out behind the gym” routine, raising his voice abruptly and animatedly pointing his finger like a weapon while acting as if he was protecting children, instead of smelling their hair and invading their space like a pervert. “You’ve lost your child … you’ve lost your child,” Biden shouted like a banshee, “he’s gone. You deserve some kind of compensation.” What happened to “garbage?”

Biden’s phony indignation is a trademark of his policy weakness and desire to mislead the populace. He wheels it out when he’s lying. Nobody in their right mind doubts that this is yet another taxpayer-money giveaway like the Iran pallets of cash they sent in Obama’s reign of global terror.

Americans can listen no more to these miscreant Marxists running our country as the bottom-line, net-net is … of course they “are looking at” giving these illegal payments to criminals whose first act was to break our immigration laws, More than just looking at, they will give them these payments.

The only person in America who needs help in getting “it straight” is named Joe Biden and most unfortunately for more than 330 million Americans, he’s the President.


It is readily apparent to anyone with a brain that this person in our White House is totally oblivious, completely unaware of where he is; what day it is; or what he’s doing. America simply cannot have such a person running the country or pretending to run this country when others are actually pulling all the levers. There are only two alternatives: exercising the 25th Amendment or full-on, emergency Impeachment. Regrettably, neither seems likely with a Marxist-Dem controlled government currently installed.


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