Half of America Says Biden Tainted by Cheating as the Scandals Pile Up

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Meanwhile, let’s check in with the “unity” administration of Joe Biden for an update on how that whole “time to heal” thing is playing out. Down and dirty: More than half of likely voters believe cheating played a major role in Biden’s 2020 win over former President Donald Trump — and that’s just the beginning.


According to the latest Rasmussen Reports survey, 56 percent of respondents said, “It’s likely that cheating affected the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, including 41 percent who say it’s ‘very likely.’” And most likely voters think vote-by-mail will lead to even more cheating in future presidential elections.

“A cheater’s paradise”

The survey also found, as summarized by the DC Examiner:

By a 65%-28% margin, likely voters told the polling outfit that they believe more mail-in voting options will boost cheating. That included a majority, 51%, who said it is “very likely” cheating will expand.

The survey is the latest to suggest that partisans remain divided on the issue, though 95% agree with the vague goal of ending election cheating.

To paraphrase the former pastor of Chicago Jesus Barack Obama, Jeremiah Wright, will Biden’s “chickens come home to roost” in 2022 and 2024? For the Democrat Party, that is; Joe will likely be sitting in his room eating ice cream and mumbling about Corn Pop and “badakathcare” by 2024.

As if the reality that nearly six in ten likely voters think Biden only sits in the Oval Office because of voter fraud isn’t enough, the addled dude’s administration continues to be plagued by other scandals.

The New York Post summarized it this way:

Halloween came early this year, courtesy of the Biden Administration. While the president is primarily to blame for the choices in Afghanistan, the border, and holding an infrastructure bill hostage to the Squad, his team is facing their own crises, many self-created. Here, some of the lowlights of many of the members of Joe Biden’s Cabinet of Horrors.


Nailed it.

Among the early-Halloween horrors of the Biden administration, as noted by The Post, is Joe’s clueless and mostly invisible sidekick, Kamala “Cackles” Harris (aka: Border Czar [ROFL emoji]):

Put in charge of the Biden Border Crisis™ as it quickly spun out of control, Harris hilariously announced that she would concentrate on “root causes,” not the influx of illegals itself. So what did Cackles Harris do? She headed straight to the southern border. Just kidding.

Our intrepid vice president jetted off to Guatemala, and then Mexico, before declaring victory —as more and more caravans of soon-to-be illegal aliens streamed to — and across —the border, unabated. And Harris? She went back into hiding. Meanwhile, Harris’s favorable ratings continue to swirl down the toilet as fast as those of CNN — aka: The Most Trusted Name in News™.

Next up, the totally inept Secretary of State, Antony Blinken.

Blinken’s “best” (most pathetic) performance was his disastrous appearance before the Senate when he made it abundantly clear he didn’t have a clue about the Biden’s Afghanistan debacle, had no idea the Taliban would advance so fast — even though Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark “Critical Race Theory” Milley had earlier predicted in several speeches exactly what would happen. And perhaps worst of all, Blinken had zero plans to get remaining Americans out of Afghanistan — leaving them behind Taliban lines.


Let’s do Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, next, who has been more concerned with “climate change,” critical race theory, and “equality” in the military, it seems, than with how the U.S. military performs.

As The Post reported:

Besides the Afghanistan horror, Austin now knows that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, secretly went behind President Trump’s back to assure the Chinese he would tip them off to the US military’s plans. How can Austin ever trust him? How can he not tell Biden he must be removed from his post?

Excellent question. One of many.

Then we have out-of-touch and scary-as-hell Attorney General Merrick Garland to kick around, as well.

Prostrating himself before teachers’ unions and school boards who call parents using their First Amendment right to speak out against critical race theory and mask mandates “domestic terrorists”?

Promising to involve the FBI against parents concerned with what their children are being taught?

“Weaponizing the Department of Justice,” as The Post called it, “against angry moms”?

Garland’s list of sins — direct threats to American citizens — is long and continues to grow longer.


The cast of Biden’s horror show continues, as reported by The Post, including Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Education Pete Buttigieg, Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm, and Chief of Staff Ron Klain.

You ever realize Joe Biden and his administration make even Barack Obama and his band of misfits look like pikers? Me, too.


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